25 Dictators Who Died Horribly Unfortunate Deaths

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a dictator and call all the shots? It’s a job with good benefits, fantastic pay, and great health coverage. You don’t answer to anyone and possibly eventually get international amnesty. But here’s a word of warning to would-be dictators everywhere: dictators don’t always die the most pleasant and peaceful deaths. From body malfunctions and getting shot to getting hung and having their body dug up and re-executed, here are 25 Dictators Who Died Horribly Unfortunate Deaths.

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Muammar Gaddafi (Libya)

Muammar Ghaddafi (Libya)Source: bbc.com

Thanks to mobile phone technology, Gaddafi’s capture and death at the hands of rebel militias was broadcast across the world. The video showed him being beaten and then sodomized with a bayonet before being shot several times.


Saddam Hussein (Iraq)

Saddam Hussein (Iraq)Source: theguardian.com

A video was leaked of Saddam’s hanging in which his executors could be heard insulting him. He also had a huge hole in his neck which led many to question the manner in which he was actually executed.


Caesar (Roman Empire)

Caesar (Roman Empire)Source: history.com

Betrayal is never a fun feeling, and being stabbed to death by your supposed friends definitely ranks pretty high in the list of deaths-that-really-aren’t-cool. In case you aren’t up on your Roman history, Caesar went to work one day and was then stabbed 23 times by several Roman senators. Only 1 stab wound would be considered fatal, and it’s believed he died from blood loss from his wounds after the conspirators fled.


Hitler (Germany)

Hitler (Germany)Source: bbc.com

While betrayal isn’t fun, blowing your own brains out in an underground bunker definitely isn’t the most peaceful way to go, either.


Mussolini (Italy)

Mussolini (Italy)Source: telegraph.co.uk

Executed by firing squad, his body along with that of his mistress and several other people were hung upside down from an Esso gas station in Milan while crowds spit on them and threw rocks. (Yes, they were already dead.)

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