25 Tools That Every House Needs To Have

While you can’t replace a good handyman, any wise homeowner will tell you that there are certain basics you need to have on hand. I’m certainly no certified contractor, and honestly, I break things more than I fix them, but I’ve still found these tools incredibly useful. You’ll never know when you need to tighten a chair or hang a picture. If you’re a new home owner, or even if you’ve owned a few houses, here are 25 Tools That Every House Needs To Have! Trust me, it will save you some heartache and money!



colored chalk in a line

An easy to use non-permanent marking instrument such as chalk is a must for construction projects or any other project that necessitates a temporary marking. If you need to make sure your pictures are hung up evenly, a straight-edged object and a piece of chalk is all you need.




You’ll never know what you need to chop down, and axes aren’t just for plaid-shirt wearing lumberjacks. There are various instruments that can be used to cut through thick objects, but this tool is especially convenient for splitting wood for the fireplace.


Protective Goggles

protective goggles

Before you start any project, you need to make sure that you’re safe and that you can’t get hurt – protective goggles will keep your eyes safe.


Razor Knife

razor knife

A sharp razor knife is necessary to cut things like ropes, wires, or even pipes.


Staple Gun

staple gun

For when you need to quickly secure loose items (like wires), a staple gun just can’t be beat.

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