25 Most Bizarre Things Ever Preserved in a Museum

Posted by , Updated on June 20, 2024

Thousands of museums show off all kinds of cool artifacts. Here are the **top 25 most unique items ever displayed** in a museum!



A barbed wire hat

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Kept at the Museum of Barbed Wire it is meant for teachers, students and enthusiasts who want to learn more about the history of barbed wire and collecting.


Ugly paintings

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The Museum of Bad Art collects all forms of modern…em, we mean bad…art and displays them to visitors.


Toilets from around the world

bizarre museum exhibits

The Sulabh International Toilet Museum in New Delhi preserves anything and everything related to toilets.


Wreaths made from hair

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The Leila’s Hair Museum displays wreaths made from human hair of all colors and types.


The world’s largest Pez dispenser

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Displayed at the Burlingame Museum there is a Pez dispenser to end all Pez dispensers. It is 7 feet tall and 10 inches wide and has the capacity to hold 6,480 Pez candies.


A petrified banana

bizarre museum exhibits

From big bananas to small bananas to petrified bananas, the Banana Club Museum has it all.


Artifacts of ordinary life

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Found in Arizona and claiming to be the world’s smallest museum, it displays artifacts of ordinary life dedicated to ordinary people.


Replicas and interactive displays of asylums

bizarre museum exhibits

These replicas are preserved at the Glore Psychiatric Museum in Missouri.


The bubble suit

bizarre museum exhibits

Located at the Smithsonian Museum, this suit was meant to protect a 12-year-old boy after a bone marrow transplant. This suit has been shown in movies with stars such as John Travolta.


The mechanized monk

bizarre museum exhibits

This 16th Century, 15 inch tall, Mechanized Monk from Spain is displayed at the Smithsonian Museum.


Bun guage

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At the Smithsonian you will find the Bun Gauge. McDonalds was the restaurant to use this gauge which measures the height and width of the bun to ensure a perfect meat/bun combination. Talk about having it your way, and this isn’t BK!


Head press

bizarre museum exhibits

At the Amsterdam Museum of Torture Instruments is the Head Press, a piece of machinery that was used in Medieval times for execution. The head press provided a pretty gruesome death, with the brain being squeezed until it is completely crushed.


Plaster body cast

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At the Mutter Museum is the Plaster Body cast used in 1874 during the autopsy of Chang and Eng Bunker, a set of identical twins.


Soap lady

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Also at the Mutter Museum is Soap Woman. She has been at the museum since the 19th Century when her body was burned and combined with chemicals to turn her into soap.


30-foot tapeworm

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Yes, you can get a glimpse of a tapeworm at a museum. This display can be found in Tokyo, Japan at the Museum of Parasitology. The tapeworm was pulled from a woman’s stomach.


Ball of string

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If you’ve always wanted to see a gigantic ball of string, now is your chance. A 1,050 pound ball of string is proudly on display at the Patee House Museum in Missouri.



bizarre museum exhibits

No, not what you get in your email box every day. Rather, the Spam that you eat. At the Spam Museum there is nothing left to the imagination.



bizarre museum exhibits

The Trash Museum is located in Connecticut and features an assortment of trash. One man’s trash is another’s treasure.


Dog astronaut suit

bizarre museum exhibits

The Dog Astronaut Suit is a must see item. It is on display at the Museum of Jurassic Technology.


Cher Ami

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This carrier pigeon flew 12 missions during World War I and is now posthumously displayed at the Smithsonian Museum.


Route 66

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There is an actual 50 foot concrete slab from route 66 on display in Washington DC.


Famous cockroaches

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Or at least cockroaches dressed up as famous people are the on display at this museum in Plano, Texas.



bizarre museum exhibits

In Wisconsin there is actually an entire museum dedicated to it.


Really old dog collars

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From every era and every corner of the globe, at this museum in Leeds Castle you’ll find a whole bunch of dog collars.


Tap water

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In the Beijing Tap Water Museum you’ll find all sorts of artifacts related to drinking or collecting tap water.

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