25 Funny Gifs Of People Experiencing Instant Karma

Generally, every action triggers a corresponding reaction. If someone hurts you, he should be – and ultimately will be – punished. However, the problem with justice is that sometimes, it can take months, years or even a lifetime before the culprit finally gets what he deserves. On the other hand, justice can sometimes be unexpectedly fast, giving the victim immediate vengeful gratification. And who doesn’t like immediate gratification! As the saying goes “you reap what you sow”, we can almost guarantee you that the people in this post reaped what they sowed faster then expected. Check out these 25 Funny Gifs Of People Experiencing Instant Karma.

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instant karmaImage: www.bizarbin.com
instant karmaImage: yababoon.com
instant karmaImage: www.viralnova.com
instant karmaImage: just-for-grins.tumblr.com

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