25 Super Cool British Slang Phrases To Liven Up Your Vocabulary

Brought to you by the people who originally brought you the English language, some of the language’s greatest slang phrases come from the same island. England has a rich heritage of profound literature (one must look no further than Shakespeare) and that reflects itself in the way that people use language. Since the middle ages England has been a source of interesting slang and accents. In fact, a vast majority of English accents and dialects are found within the small area of the British Isles although the English speaking world as a whole is significantly larger. Even if you are just trying to enrich your cultural learning, looking back at British slang can be a very informative and interesting crash course in the history of the language. And of course, unless you are actually British you will probably not understand some of the words and phrases on this list. Even some Brits might not get all of them. When you do finally get around to visiting London, however, you will be well prepared to understand everything that you hear and to blend into the local culture. So, whatever your reason for learning, these are 25 super cool British slang phrases to liven up your vocabulary!

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Donkey's Years

Donkey's YearsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: ages, as in “I haven’t seen you in ages (donkey’s years)”


Daft Cow

Daft CowSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: a really dumb person



CollywobblesSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Meaning: stomach pain or queasiness brought on by anxiety


Crusty Dragon

Crusty DragonSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Meaning: a piece of snot or a booger


It’s Monkeys Outside!

It’s Monkeys Outside!Source: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Meaning: It’s really cold outside!

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