25 Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Actually Stay In

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When hearing about a haunted hotel room, most people would likely run the other way, much less want to stay there. But, you’re here, so we’re guessing you’re not one of those people. It makes sense hotels would be haunted. Many of them are old and have hosted thousands of guests. With that kind of longevity and foot traffic, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. From hotels haunted by Aaron Burr’s ghost to the same room in which Stephen King wrote The Shining, many haunted hotels are brimming with tales and stories of the paranormal. Curious to find out which ones you can book a stay? Here are 25 Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Actually Stay In.

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Biltmore Hotel

miami biltmoreSource: http://www.wlrn.org/post/history-biltmore-miamis-best-known-creepy-hotel

This hotel in Miami was first constructed in 1926 and hosted many wealthy socialites at the time. On the 13th floor of the hotel, gangster Thomas “Fatty” Walsh was shot and killed, starting the ghost stories. Over the years, it became a military hospital and an abandoned shell before being renovated and reopened as a hotel in 1987. Still, the ghost stories abound, and many of the employees will gladly tell the guests about its haunted history.


Colonial Inn

colonial innSource: https://www.historichotels.org/hotels-resorts/concords-colonial-inn/ghost-stories.php

Dating back to 1716 in Concord, Massachusetts, this old inn has seen a lot and includes its fair share of ghost stories. During the Revolutionary War, it served as a hospital for soldiers, and Room 24 was used to perform surgeries. If the men died in surgery, they would be taken to Room 27, the morgue. Guests staying in these rooms have reported strange activity, including flickering lights and having the television randomly come on.


Queen Mary Hotel

queen marySource: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimdobson/2018/04/14/the-queen-mary-opens-up-its-haunted-hotel-suite-for-an-overnight-ghostly-experience/#43a04d9e575b

Considered one of the most haunted places on Earth by Time Magazine, this floating hotel is permanently docked in Long Beach, California. Stateroom B340 is so notoriously haunted, that they’ve turned it into a tourist attraction where guests can stay there overnight. Thrill seekers should be prepared to shell out $499 a night.


HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

jailSource: https://www.dangerous-business.com/2012/01/my-night-in-prison/

While this creepy former jail has been modernized into a wifi-equipped hostel, it’s still rife with ghost stories and creepy hauntings. One of the spirits who haunts the hostel was on death row. He was accused of assassination but the evidence against him was weak. Many stories have claimed his restless soul still haunts the hostel.


Captain Grant’s Inn

captain jackSource: http://www.damnedct.com/captain-grants-inn-preston

This hotel in Connecticut was originally a home built by Captain William Grant in 1754. It later garrisoned soldiers in the Revolutionary War and sheltered slaves during the Civil War. The Adelaide Room is supposedly where all the creepy stuff happens. One guest recalled waking up to find a ghost woman wearing Colonial-era clothes, holding hands with two children. Others have said they’ve felt hands caressing their face or have had shades of children pass through them.

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