25 Coolest White Henna Designs

White henna tattooing, just like the nail art for women, is seen as a unique way for those who want to express the artistic nature they hide inside them. The difference with “normal” tattoos is that they won’t stay on your skin permanently.

Despite what the name suggests, white henna doesn’t contain any actual henna in it. It’s a totally safe body paint that’s used like henna and usually lasts from one to five days depending where you get it.

If you’re one of those who want to get a tattoo but haven’t convinced yourself yet, a white henna tattoo can also help you decide if you like it (permanently) on your skin or not. So, why don’t you take a good look of the following 25 Cool White Henna Designs and test the waters before you decide if you want to get a permanent tattoo or not?

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The Modern Little Prince


In what looks like a remake of the classic fairy tale, Little Prince, a boy and his dog dream of a better world. A perfect choice of a tattoo for all the hopeless romantics out there.


Mystical Ornaments


This beautiful henna tattoo could possibly symbolize something very personal and special to its owner. Then again, they may only be simple (but stunning) ornaments.


The Uniqueness Of The Seahorse


From daily dances to male pregnancy, seahorses are some of the most bizarre and unique creatures in life and love. This lovely tattoo is an ideal choice for the ones who want to stand out from the crowds.


The Connection Between Music And Love


Music and love usually go together. And this henna tattoo leg bracelet highlights that in a beautiful way.


The Floral Ballerina


There’s a ballerina dancing on your body. And she’s wearing a rose as a dress. So much elegance and beauty in just one henna tattoo.

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