25 Coolest White Henna Designs

Posted by , Updated on November 23, 2023

White henna tattooing, just like the nail art for women, is seen as a unique way for those who want to express the artistic nature they hide inside them. The difference with “normal” tattoos is that they won’t stay on your skin permanently.

Despite what the name suggests, white henna doesn’t contain any actual henna in it. It’s a totally safe body paint that’s used like henna and usually lasts from one to five days depending where you get it.

If you’re one of those who want to get a tattoo but haven’t convinced yourself yet, a white henna tattoo can also help you decide if you like it (permanently) on your skin or not. So, why don’t you take a good look of the following 25 Cool White Henna Designs and test the waters before you decide if you want to get a permanent tattoo or not?



The Modern Little Prince


In what looks like a remake of the classic fairy tale, Little Prince, a boy and his dog dream of a better world. A perfect choice of a tattoo for all the hopeless romantics out there.


Mystical Ornaments


This beautiful henna tattoo could possibly symbolize something very personal and special to its owner. Then again, they may only be simple (but stunning) ornaments.


The Uniqueness Of The Seahorse


From daily dances to male pregnancy, seahorses are some of the most bizarre and unique creatures in life and love. This lovely tattoo is an ideal choice for the ones who want to stand out from the crowds.


The Connection Between Music And Love


Music and love usually go together. And this henna tattoo leg bracelet highlights that in a beautiful way.


The Floral Ballerina


There’s a ballerina dancing on your body. And she’s wearing a rose as a dress. So much elegance and beauty in just one henna tattoo.


The Elephant In The Room


It’s really hard not to notice an elephant in a room, right? However, you can show this elephant only to the people you will decide to give your hand to.


The X-Ray Tattoo


Have you ever wondered how it would feel standing outside of your body looking at yourself? This cool but kind of creepy henna tattoo gives you a taste.


Indian Body Art


Mehndi is one of the most traditional and ritualistic forms which binds the diverse Indian culture in one string. Mehndi design is also one of the best parts for make-up.


Flowers And Butterflies


A flower’s always a good choice to decorate your body. And so is the butterfly. If you can combine both in one henna tattoo, then you get the stunning result in the picture.


Take Off Your Shoes


Are you invited in a beach wedding and you don’t know what kind of shoes to wear? Something like this henna tattoo instead of heels is a better option, don’t you think? Let the sand cover your feet!


Roses Are Red


They say roses are red and violets are blue. The good news is that with white henna tattoos, roses can be any color you want. After all, it’s your body they will decorate.


The Black Lace


If lace is your thing and you want to combine it with a Gothic style, there are white henna designs that can be as dark and gloomy as they get.


Aesthetic Air


This design’s named “Aesthetics” and is considered one of the most trendy in 2019. It’s a collection of writings and zodiac signs pretty much with an aesthetic each. Different for sure!


Wear It Like A Dress


This is a very unique white design that looks great and will go well with a high neck dress too. Armani would be jealous!


Minimalistic Mehndi Designs


Minimalism is in with brides this year. While some brides prefer knee length designs, there are some who go for minimalistic mehndi designs.


The Peacemaker


This design doesn’t include bright colors, flowers, butterflies, or delicate signs. It includes the words love, peace and happiness though. Can you think of anything better than these three words?


The Naked Pants


Who needs jeans or a dress when you can cover your legs with so beautiful and colorful white henna designs?


The Floral Cat

231f3df1390807e291ab20be58dbbaa9 (1)https://gr.pinterest.com/pin/480548222736297973/

If you have a cat and want to show your love to her, this design will definitely help you with that. Who said floral cats exist only in fairy tales?


The Missing Puzzle Piece


The missing puzzle piece isn’t lost. It’s on your palm!


The Lighthouse Of Your Heart


A lighthouse that shows the way to your heart? If you’re looking for love there’s no better way than to “write” this all over your body.


The Floral Skeleton


This is a similar with the X-ray tattoo in our list but there are noticeable differences. This is a more vibrant and colorful design. Plus, this skeleton is not composed only of bones but flowers as well.


Turtle's Guide To Happiness


This super cute and unique design is ideal for those who are lost and want to start a new life. The turtle’s shell also functions as a compass to show you the right path in life.


The Tree Of Life


This is another symbolic design with a deeper meaning. The tree of life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. It’s also seen in some cultures as a symbol of immortality.


The Solar System


Our solar system is way too big for the human mind to comprehend its full size. And I’ m afraid that science would verify that. However, if you let your imagination go loose, you can fit it all in on your one leg.


The Outer Space Connection


If the solar system is too small for you, you can always raise your hand and connect with the entire universe.