25 Deep Truth Relationship Memes

From antiquity to the present day, love has always been a universal feeling that motivates people doing crazy things. It will forever be a source of inspiration for human beings, no matter how drastically our society may change in the future.

Of course, the way people express their deepest feelings keeps changing from time to time. In our high-tech era, the dominance of social media in pretty much every aspect of everyday life is present even in flirting and romantic relationships.

One of the newest and most popular ways of human expression in social media are memes. So, if you’re not a man or woman of many words, the following collection of 25 Deep Truth Relationship Memes is the perfect list for you. Especially if you’re trying to find a nice way to let your significant other know how you feel about them.

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Are you the ONE?


This meme demonstrates the importance of social media to people’s lives nowadays. Even though it’s kind of sad, it appears to be 100% true. If he doesn’t mention you there at all, you’re probably not the only one in his life.


What love life are you talking about?


We have all been there and it definitely sucks. However, there are periods in one’s life that love can be in secondary role. It happens!


Coming from the same star


Sometimes we meet a person and we feel like we have known them forever. No? If this feeling’s combined with romance, then we’re talking for the ultimate “karmalove.” 


Feel the body language


Because sometimes words are simply not enough. Or they just can’t express something as passionately, as your lips can.


The rules of cheating


This meme tells a truth that many people deny to face. Having sex isn’t the only “form” of cheating. Sometimes the thought or the intention is just as bad as the act itself.

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