25 Historical Photos That Will Give You The Creeps

Historical photos are more than pictures of statues and solemn travelers on the open plains. They can often show us goosebump-inducing images that shock and send a chill up our spines. The moments captured in these photos are some of the eeriest images that ever captured; they’re unsettling, and they each have a story behind them that will shake you to the core.

Consider yourself warned, the pictures included here might upset you but they’re all important snapshots of history that show a creepy moment that you won’t be able to shake no matter how hard you try. Read on… if you dare.


Michael and Sean McQuilken, moments before a lightning strike


On August, 20, 1975, Michael and Sean McQuilken were hiking through Sequoia National Park with their sister when the sky grew dark and the air started to change. As the trio climbed Moro Rock and the weather worsened, positive charges rose, bringing their hair up with it. It was a clear sign that lightning was about to strike. Shortly afterwards, white light cracked across the sky in a disastrous arc that struck Sean, the younger brother directly, leaving him with third degree burns across his back. Later, the brothers discovered that Sean was one of three people directly struck by a three pronged lighting bolt.


An exotic dancer has to show a judge in Florida that her dance attire covers everything


When three exotic dancers were arrested in Pinellas county in 1983 for going nude in an establishment that served alcohol they were put in the awkward situation of proving that even though they were working at a strip club at the time, that they were actually clothed. Judge David A. Demers watched as the women bent over and showed that their bikini bottoms covered their private parts, and that the arresting officers must have been dreaming when they collared the women, or that there was simply a wardrobe malfunction on the night in question. After the photo went out on the AP it was picked up by Playboy Magazine as a part of their “Year In Sex” issue.

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