20 Deeper Meanings of A White Aura You Didn’t Know

Posted by , Updated on November 15, 2023

A white aura can mean a lot of things, but there are deeper meanings that you probably didn’t know about. Although this color tends to be associated with purity and virtue, there’s far more depth behind the white aura than what most people think about it. What does it mean when your aura turns from red to white, or if you suddenly have pure white in your aura? How can you use this knowledge to better understand yourself and develop as an individual?

These 25 deeper meanings of the white aura will help you figure out exactly what this color is trying to tell you in your life, so read on!




What Exactly Is An Aura?

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An aura is the unseen spiritual energy (electromagnetic) field that surrounds every living thing. It’s what we might call a person’s aura. In ancient Hindu medical systems like the Vedas, there is an accepted idea that a person’s body possesses seven different energy layers. This idea suggests that each layer is closely linked with a particular aspect of an individual’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

The word literally means atmosphere. Some believe an aura can predict the future, but there is no scientific proof to back this up. It’s also what you see when you close your eyes and imagine the person in front of you. Auras are often thought to be an indicator of mood, health, or energy levels. There are many different colors that can represent certain meanings or emotions and there is a science behind each shade. There are some theories as to how an aura works, but one thing is for sure: it has more meanings than we may first think.


Science Approves


The scientific name for an aura is “bioplasma field,” which is the electromagnetic field, or energy body, emitted by all living things. In physics, plasma is the 4th state of matter comprised of streams of ionized particles.

Kirlian photography has also proven the existence of bio-plasma fields, or auras.


Everyone Has An Aura


Everyone has an aura, but it is typically visible to those with psychic abilities. Auras are different colors and shapes, depending on a person’s personality or mood. 

Different living things such as flowers, trees, and animals also possess an energy field. Some believe that the human energy field is more intricate because we’re more advanced.


There Are Several Different Color Auras

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Auras come in a variety of colors, and each color has its own meaning. The colors can change to reflect the person’s mood or health, and some people are able to see them more clearly than others. The most common colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 

  • • Red is often associated with energy, anger, or passion for the moment.
  • • Orange reflects creativity and adventure.
  • • Yellow is often connected with friendly or creative intelligence.
  • • Green suggests social and communication.
  • • Blue is typically seen as being a freethinker or intuitive.
  • • Indigo can represent the curiosity and spirituality connected.
  • •Violet shows wise and independent.

The Uniqueness Of The White Aura


The uniqueness of the white aura is that it has no specific meaning, but can still have many meanings. It all depends on who’s reading it. Some people say it could be innocence, other times purity and sometimes even peace. The color white is a neutral color and has no specific meaning in itself, so the meaning behind a person’s white aura will depend on their life experiences and how they’ve lived their lives so far.


Infants Have White Auras


That possibly explains why babies possess white auras. It’s because of their pureness and innocence.


Spiritual Adults Have White Auras


White aura mostly found in people who have strong connections to the spiritual world. They’re also with people who have reached a higher state of being, either through mediation or otherwise.


Folks With A White Aura Are Very Positive

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Folks with a white aura try to avoid negative emotions and they don’t have to worry about negativity because their whole outlook is based on positivity. They always look on the bright side of things and find the silver lining in every situation. If someone has a dark aura, it’s an indication that they are depressed or sad.  If you see someone with a dark aura, you may want to give them some uplifting words!


They Are Honest People

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They may not be the best students or athletes, but they will never cheat in order to succeed or win. They love justice more than anything.


They Are Protective By Nature

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While a white aura is often seen as a sign of purity and innocence, this light can also protect people. If you have a friend or family member with a white aura, they are likely an empathetic and protective person.

This type of person would work well in careers such as police officer, firefighter, or nurse. They will do whatever they can to protect the people around them while also looking out for their own health by practicing self-care regularly. It’s hard not to love someone with such an intuitive heart. If you’re lucky enough to have a white-aura person in your life, consider yourself blessed!


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They Make Good Parents


It is believed that people with white auras make great parents. They’re kind and gentle, and they want to take care of others. People with a white aura are often very sensitive and so they need to be careful about what they get involved in.

It’s best for them if they can stay away from anything too negative or toxic, because their sensitivities make it hard for them to handle things like that.


They Are Laid Back Peeps


People with a white aura are also very cool and laid back dudes. They are not competitive at all but instead they are always willing to help you.


They Make Great Co Workers


People who have a white aura are often seen as being understanding and patient individuals. This can make them great co-workers because they’re likely to go out of their way to help others without being asked or without expecting anything in return.

They also may be people who find it easy to see the best in everyone and everything, which means they’re unlikely to get discouraged easily when faced with a setback or other difficulty.


They Are Not Fond Of Politics


People with a white aura do not like to get involved in politics. They don’t like to argue, and they would rather spend their time on more creative activities. They are very introverted people who would rather stay home and read than go out for the night.

This is because their energy is very delicate and does not need any outside disturbances or stressors. People with a white aura have the ability to see through the facade people put up in order to fit in, so they find it easier to stay away from crowds or social settings that might lead them into a bad mood.


But They Love A Good Comedy


It’s no wonder that their favorite film genre is comedy. Don’t ask them accompany you in the movies if you’re planning to watch a horror film or a splatter. People with white aura are way too sensitive even for scripted violence.


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They May Be Gullible


Everything in life, however, has its pros and cons. People with white auras are easily manipulated because their way of thinking is so innocent.


They Are Not Very Ambitious


Another quite negative thing about them is that they are not really ambitious. As we already mentioned, their non-competitive nature doesn’t make them great competitors, especially in individual sports.

However, in team sports they can be really valuable members of a team, as they blindly follow orders and appreciate teamwork more than anything. They will just never win the MVP award, or aim for the quarterback position.


They Love To Cook


Alright, they may never win as many gold medals as Michael Phelps, but they will definitely cook some delicious meals for their loved ones. Cooking’s in their generous and giving nature after all.


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Best Friends And Loyal Partners


Those who possess a white aura make great friends and loyal partners. Their unselfish nature doesn’t allow them to get into confrontations for silly reasons.


They Are Connected To God

Closer to GodImage: shutterstock,com

The white aura also represents a connection to God. Individuals who have miraculously survived fatal accidents are said to have had a white aura around them, even if only temporary.


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