25 Gifts Your Favorite Coffee Addict Needs

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If you read 25 Surprisingly Satisfying Facts About Coffee, you know coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world with almost 1.6 billion cups of this scented beverage consumed every single day. With coffee’s enormous popularity, it’s not surprising that so many people are literally addicted to coffee. Whether you prefer Arabica or robusta (two most commonly grown types of coffee), there is a good chance that you or some of your family members and friends are coffee lovers as well. With Christmas just around the corner, we took our time and explored amazon.com, the largest internet-based retailer in the US, for some creative gift ideas for the coffee lover (few things will make a real coffee lover happier than a gift that promotes and encourages his or her addiction to this beverage). So is there someone that you know who lives, breathes, and drinks coffee? Maybe this person is non other than yourself? Then by all means feel free to check out this post of 25 Gifts Your Favorite Coffee Addict Needs. From highly sophisticated coffee-making devices to self-stirring mugs, coffee candles and even coffee jewelry, all of the products featured in this article are sure to support your coffee-drinking self, family members and friends in their habit.




Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish CoffeeSource and image: amazon.com

With double the amount of caffeine found in your average coffee, the Death Wish Coffee boasts the title of the world´s strongest coffee. Organically grown, fairly traded, and expertly handled, this coffee is guaranteed to keep you awake as long as you need (probably even longer).



Adjustable cup holder

Adjustable cup holderSource and image: amazon.com

Produced by Vector Cup Holder, this portable clip-on cup holder is easy to mount and remove, even with one hand. Capable of holding mugs, cans and bottles of different sizes, the holder prevents spills at work, in class, at home or while traveling.



Funny glass coffee cup

Funny glass coffee cupSource and image: amazon.com

Tell everyone to “Go Away” until after you’ve had your cup of coffee with this creative 13 oz glass coffee mug by Got Me Tipsy. Microwave and dishwasher safe, the mug features funny bright text that can be seen from afar.



Caffeinated mints

Caffeinated mintsSource and image: amazon.com

If you are in a desperate need of coffee but cannot have it for whatever reason, we have a solution for you. Get your caffeine boost with these delicious caffeine mints. Made from natural peppermint oil to refresh your breath, the mints are gluten and sugar free.



World Atlas of Coffee

World Atlas of CoffeeSource and image: amazon.com

Become a real coffee expert with this amazing book by James Hoffmann. From overviews of the world’s most vibrant coffee-growing regions, to step-by-step brewing tutorials, the content is educational, thought-provoking, and substantial.



Coffee grinder

Coffee grinderSource and image: amazon.com

Now available at a price of just 17 dollars, this hands-free coffee grinder by Hamilton Beach makes up to 12 cups of coffee beans at a time. It features a removable grinding chamber for comfortable filling and easy dishwasher cleanup.



Espresso maker

Espresso makerSource and image: amazon.com

If the person you want to please is an espresso lover, you cannot go wrong with this sophisticated espresso maker by Mr. Coffee. With the touch of a button, he or she can choose between single or double servings of espresso, latte, or cappuccino.



Vacuum insulated travel mug

Vacuum insulated travel mugSource and image: amazon.com

Using this nice thermos, you can keep your coffee hot for up to 5 hours, or cold up to 9 hours. Made out of durable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel, the travel mug has a leak-proof lid with one hand push button operation.



Caffeine king duvet cover

Caffeine king duvet coverSource and image: amazon.com

A great gift for ultimate coffee lovers, this king duvet cover by Royal Lion is decorated with unique 3D atomic structure of caffeine. With a size of 104″ x 88″, the cover is made from soft fleece on top and breathable microfiber underneath.



Breathable caffeine

Breathable caffeineSource and image: amazon.com

If you are in need of a caffeine boost but there’s no coffee to be had, or you don’t have time to make it, AeroShot Energy could be the way to go. Each AeroShot delivers a unique blend of 100 mg of caffeine and B vitamins.



Coffee scoop bag clip

Coffee scoop bag clipSource and image: amazon.com

Keep your coffee fresh with this stylish coffee scoop bag clip by Brew Perfect. Decorated with sapphire blue gems, the scoop accurately measures one tablespoon of your favorite coffee or any other dry ingredients such as sugar, flour, baking powder etc.



Coffee bean roaster

Coffee bean roasterSource and image: amazon.com

Available at a price of $179, this coffee roaster by Fresh Roast is capable of roasting beans for about 20 cups of coffee in less than 10 minutes. It features three temperature settings for perfect roast control and the Speed Roast fluid motion system for fast and even roasting.



USB heated coffee mug warmer

USB heated coffee mug warmerSource and image: amazon.com

Keep your coffee mug warm whenever you need it with this cool desktop USB heated coffee mug warmer. Equipped with red LED controls to indicate when the warmer is on, this useful gadget gets hot in just 5 seconds.



3D latte maker

3D latte makerSource and image: amazon.com

If your friends like latte art, get them this awesome tool by Takara Tomy that will let them create their own 3D latte right in the comforts of their home. The latte maker comes with a manual and descriptive images.



Gold plated coffee filter

Gold plated coffee filterSource and image: amazon.com

Designed with a fold down handle and collar adaptor for larger machines, this superb coffee filter provides excellent filtering. As gold neither absorbs nor gives off any flavors, you will enjoy the pure flavor of your favorite coffee bean and nothing else.



Coffee cup desk lamp

Coffee cup desk lampSource and image: amazon.com

Decorate your working desk with this creative LED coffee cup lamp, powered by USB or batteries. Suitable for use in an office, bedroom, school and even for reading, the lamp comes with three cups to change the style.



Vacuum coffee saver

Vacuum coffee saverSource and image: amazon.com

True coffee lovers know that keeping your beans fresh is an important element when it comes to having your coffee turn out just right. With this cool coffee saver by Vacu Vin, keeping your coffee fresh will be easy and fun.



Arabica coffee plant

Arabica coffee plantSource and image: amazon.com

Many people make their own coffee but few grow their own coffee plants. However, growing a coffee plant indoor is not difficult at all. Get one of these beautiful Arabica coffee plants by 9GreenBox and see for yourself.



Face changing coffee mug

Face changing coffee mugSource and image: amazon.com

Start your day with this cute morning mug by Cottage Industry. After pouring hot coffee in the mug, the sleeping face will be replaced with a happy smiling face. Packed in an attractive gift box, the mug has a capacity of 12 ounces.


Ok But First Coffee sweatshirt

Ok But First Coffee sweatshirt Source and image: amazon.com

Express your passion for coffee with this super soft pullover sweatshirt featuring a graphic reading: “Ok, but first coffee”. Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, the sweatshirt is available in grey and black.



Self stirring mug

Self stirring mugSource and image: amazon.com

Made from durable stainless steel, this battery-operated self stirring coffee mug by Evelots makes a wonderful gift for every coffee lover. Holding up to 15 ounces of liquid, the mug quickly blends your coffee without the effort of shaking or stirring.



Sofa coffee tray

Sofa coffee traySource and image: amazon.com

Get this stylish flexible sofa tray and don’t bother reaching for the coffee table any more. Made from natural, eco-friendly bamboo, this arm tray is also great for laptops, phones and meals.



Mug and coffee gift set

Mug and coffee gift setSource and image: amazon.com

Naturally, no coffee gift list would be complete without a product by Starbucks. For our list, we picked this attractive coffee gift set that contains: 1 Ceramic Travel Mug With Lid, 1 Ceramic Mug, 1 Starbucks Caffe Verona Ground Coffee and 1 Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix.



Coffee candle

Coffee candleSource and image: amazon.com

Produced by Southern Made Candles, this candle is packed with fresh coffee aroma so you can fill your room with the great scent of coffee even when you are not enjoying a cup. Made from 100% pure soy wax, the candle will burn for up to 25 hours.



Coffee necklace

Coffee necklaceSource and image: amazon.com

A coffee bean can also make a great jewelry item. Crafted by Lucky Feather, this original gold-plated coffee necklace comes with 16″ linen cord with lobster claw clasp and a vintage card saying “Love me, love my coffee”.


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