25 Weirdest Clothes You Can Actually Buy Online

Posted by , Updated on November 27, 2023

Do you have an urge to buy the weirdest clothes online? Well, you’ve come to the right place. It might be hard to find weird clothes at a general store, but with the internet, anything is possible. You seriously won’t believe what companies have made and can be purchased right at your fingertips.

From t-shirts to footwear, the strangest things have been manufactured just for you. So whether you’re buying something for a friend or yourself, odd clothes exist and they’re ready whether you like it or not. Here are 25 Weirdest Clothes You Can Actually Buy Online.




Doll Head Shirt

what up

We’re pretty sure no one would answer that question if you wore this shirt.


Cat Shirt

cat shirt

You could totally wear this in public, just always expect to be single.


Sloth Stripper Shirt

sloth shirt

We’re not even sure what this shirt is trying to say and maybe that’s okay.


Mermaid Scale Leggins


We know many girls dream of being a mermaid. Now, it seems, you get to slightly fulfill that wish with these mermaid leggings.


Camo Dress

camo dress

Whether you’re going hunting or a bridesmaid in hunting themed wedding, this dress will do just nicely. Plus, you never know when you’ll need to blend into the background.


Hairless Cat Face Shirt

hairless cat

We’re going to be straight with you. This Hairless Cat Face shirt is just plain horrifying.




It’s beyond imagining who thought a Manikini would be a good idea. It’s even weirder that people buy this thing.


Fish Flip Flops

fish flip flops

We’re going to go ahead and guess no one asked for Fish Flip Flops. Yet, somehow they exist to creep everyone out.


Ryan Gosling Shirt

ryan gosling shirt

Depending on where you’re standing, this Ryan Gosling shirt might horrify you or make you want one immediately. Either way, Ryan Gosling wins.


Frankenstein Socks


Whether it’s Star Wars or Harry Potter, some socks are kind of fun to have as novelty socks. Frankenstein, however, is not one of those. Whatever is happening on these socks makes no sense.


Clown Shirt

clown shirt

If you want to subject the world to this abominable t-shirt with a clown from hell, then this is certainly the ticket.


Patrick Swayze Onesie


On the one hand, we get the reference. On the other hand, it’s still really weird for a baby to wear a onesie with Patrick Swayze’s face on it.


Muscle Leggings

muscle leggings

Muscle Leggings prove skin exists for a reason, and we’re just going to leave it at that.


Sloth T-Shirt


It’s safe to say any kind of clothing with a picture of a sloth on it is instantly weird.


Turkey Slippers

turkey slippersSource: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/559783428658470295/

Perhaps the only time you could pull these off is on Thanksgiving Day, and even then you might be pushing it.


Muddy Jeans


It’s a little weird to purchase a brand new product that is purposefully made dirty. But, if you’re looking for pre-muddy jeans, then look no further.


Internal Organ Swimsuit

organ swimsuit

Anyone wearing this swimsuit will definitely turn a lot of heads but not in a good way. Let’s keep the organs where they belong, hidden.


Newborn Turtle Costume

newborn turtle

To some degree, a Newborn Turtle Costume is a little cute but, at the end of the day, still weird.


Pizza Suit

pizza suit

Everyone loves pizza. So, why not wear it all the time with this classy pizza suit? Just hope no one comes after you with a fork and knife.


Cat Facekini

cat facekini

Yes, it is weird to wear a Facekini with the picture of a cat on it. That’s just science.


Food Socks

food socks

Wear a pair of these with a quality pair of sandals, and you’ll be the talk of your next party.


Donald Trump Shirt

trump shirt

Anyone wearing this shirt might be taking their love of Donald Trump a little too far.


Denim Boots

jean boot

It’s one thing to have high heel denim boots but quite another to have them open toed and open heeled. Dress responsibly.


The Hug Me Jacket

hug me jacketSource: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/482940760012152578/

Though family and friends may fail you, The Hug Me Jacket will always be there to give you a hug and freak out everyone around you.


Man's Tarzan Camo Thong


It’s probably a stretch to call this a piece of clothing. Still, there it is in all its camouflaged glory.