25 Worst Types of Facebook Friends to Unfriend Now

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

Facebook can be likened to a modern, advanced affliction of the 21st-century that has resulted in an unsettling disconnect in human connections. It is gradually morphing interpersonal communication into something utterly unrecognizable. The absence of direct, in-person interaction grants users an illusory feeling of safety.

Sadly, when these users and their Facebook friends hit a bump on the road, situations can get ugly. It’s become such a prevalent problem, that there is a list of the types of people you want to unfriend and block!

So, without further ado, we present the 25 worst types of Facebook friends you want to “unfriend” today!



The Photographer


Someone probably told this kind of facebooker that they have a special talent at capturing the moment and these people believed them, totally believed them. If the photo albums they post on Facebook for every little thing they do and every little place they go were worth money these people would be multimillionaires by now. There are way too many amateur photos on Facebook, way too many for a single pair of eyes to handle at a time.


The Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Talking from personal experience we have to admit that our kind can be really annoying since all we do sometimes is just post and promote our work on Facebook so we can get more views and shares. It’s a tactic every freelance writer who respects him- or herself knows and does.


The Anti-American


There’s nothing more annoying than seeing one hateful, anti-American post after another from people who don’t even know why they do it. And seriously now, why do all these people pick Facebook, of all places, to express their anti-American sentiment? Especially seeing as Facebook is an American invention that was invented by an American?


The Fake Account


The fake account is most of the time your scorned ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend who will stalk you nonstop via their fake account while their basic accounts are ignoring you with style. They are either too kind or angry with you, depending on what terms the relationship ended, and will stalk you until the moment they meet someone new or finally decide to move on and do something better with their lives. They suddenly disappear one day just as they appeared in the first place.


The Political Activist

Political Activist

The political activist is very similar to the conspiracy theorist type of facebooker. However, the only difference is that this kind of facebooker is actually posting about real facts that are globally known and not every crazy theory he or she saw on TV shows such as The X-Files and Lost. The only problem with these people seems to be the fact that their “political struggles” and protests on Facebook won’t change the world anytime soon. So, it would be better if they took all their energy to the streets and engaged in real protests or strikes.


People Who Tag You In Every Photo They Post

Tag You

It doesn’t matter if they are in Texas and you’re in Paris, they will tag you in their photo just like you were there with them. Obviously the only motive these people have is to get as many Likes from as many friends they have but oh well.


The One Who Always Posts Sideways Pictures

Selfie Queen

These people not only post sideways pictures but also leave them that way because they think it’s cool or something. What’s even more annoying is that they usually ask if you like these damn photos and in case you don’t comment or click “Like” they hold it against you.


The Crying “Queen”

Crying Girl

This type is usually a woman who likes to cry over every little thing: a movie she saw, a sad song she heard, a relationship that ended twenty years ago, or because she burnt dinner two months ago or broke her nail. Nothing against such people, they have always been this way and they are not faking simply because that’s exactly who they are in real life. The only problem with this type of facebooker is that they always have to make sure they have lots of tissues at home before they log on.


The Troll


Who said trolls don’t exist on Facebook? Some are so brave, they use their “troll” attribute on Facebook just because they feel like it. However, see them in person and they are nothing like their online persona! They are not necessarily rude or obnoxious; they just like to troll for some reason, just like they loved making noise to make noise.


People Who Post Pictures of Everything They Eat

Salmon and Salad

These people have lots in common with the “Way Too Much Information” facebooker (which you will meet soon on the list) but there’s a key difference: they focus exclusively on food. Their photo album contains at least five thousand food-related photos and they take pride in how well they cook and garnish their plate. What’s even more annoying is that for some strange reason these people are usually in great shape, despite their lives revolving around food 24/7.


The Conspiracy Theorist


There are some people who never went to college, but they act like they’re the scholars to every topic under the sun! They’ll talk about the darkest political scandals, scientific discoveries, technological advancements, and historical mysteries. While these “scholars” probably never went to school for any of the topics they seem to be experts in, they will still remain stubborn and debate you to no end.


The Loyal “Online’’ Friend


The loyal “online” friend is a very unique category. You’ve never met them in person before but you added them because they found your profile interesting. Perhaps the friendship came to be when an online mutual friend introduced you both. Don’t be too shocked when you read messages like “I never loved a friend as much as I love you” or “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life.” They’re just exaggerating and they know it, and you need to unfriend them!


The Philosopher


You know for a fact that some of these “philosophers” haven’t read a single book by Plato, Aristotle, Voltaire, and the rest of the titans of philosophy. However, they constantly post inspirational quotes and talk endlessly about living to the quote’s expectations. We know this Facebooker probably has a lot of inner angst and wants the world to know it!


The Angry Type


This type of facebooker is just mad at life. He or she never explains what’s wrong and exactly why they are pissed off. Their posts are never specific and always a little too broad. Some of their favorite expressions include “I hate my life right now,” “I wish I was never born,” and when you try to help or ask what’s wrong, they usually just sign off. You don’t need them in your life so select that unfriend button now!


The Profile Photo Changer

Profile Picture

The Profile Photo Changer does just that. They’re constantly changing their profile images and that gets annoying. Whether they need variety or more clicks, they can never settle with just one photo. It’s best to unfriend these insecure, photo-changing Facebookers and not bother with their ever-changing images.


The Annoying Inviter


To these people, it doesn’t matter if you live in the South Pole and they live in the North; they will invite you to their party knowing full well you can’t go. Either they love you or they’re just rubbing their parties and celebrations in your face. So, it’s time to lose that friend today!


The Complainer


The complainer has a lot in common with the crying “queen” and angry facebooker, but the only difference is that complainers don’t cry, nor are they mad or angry; they just complain, continuously. They will complain about anything from personal issues to politics, from the weather to the media, from sports to movies. It’s interesting because, despite all their pessimism and constant complaining, they manage to be calm, excessively sarcastic and bizarrely happy.


The Football Hooligan

Football Fan

If you’re a European or South American user you probably can relate to this category of facebookers a little better. The football hooligan does exactly what a real-life hooligan does: he signs on (usually drunk), sings the songs of his favorite team, uses disgusting language, especially against rival teams’ fans, he’s rude and obnoxious, and has even invented a new way to “spit” through the internet.


The “Way Too Much Information” Type

Social Media

You know what they do first when they wake up, what they eat for breakfast, what color their shoes are, the size of their underwear, what they had for lunch the past week, what they do for fun, where they are dining that night, what car they drive, what brand of cigarettes they smoke, and so on. You get the point, and no, they’re not celebrities, just everyday people who apparently think that every little thing they do is incredibly important for the rest of humankind to know and so has to be reported.


The "Humble" Narcissist


The “humble” narcissist is a combination of a troll, a crying “queen”, and the people who change their profile photos on a daily basis. In 99.9 percent of cases, he or she spends about five to six hours to get a single perfect photo only so they can post it on Facebook accompanied with a tag line saying, “I don’t feel good today and it clearly shows.” Of course, the photo they have just posted looks like it was taken at a fashion magazine photo shoot and all they want is attention and lots of compliments and likes. Don’t ignore them because it will hurt their ego and ruin their day; just agree with their comment and say something like “Wow, what happened? You look totally devastated,” and make sure you ruin their whole week.


The Hater


The hater is a very special category and is really easy to spot since all of us have had at least one bad experience with a good ol’ hater. Haters don’t necessarily use profanity or bad language or attack you directly, they use a different strategy. They’ll wait patiently until there is a chance to spew their poison in a comment on a photo you posted. They never click the Like button but every now and then they say things such as, “Have you put on weight or is it just what you’re wearing?” and “You look really tired.” Enough said. Time to select that unfriend button now!


The Religious Freak

Praying Hands

The religious freak is not as innocent and peaceful as he might seem. This type of Facebooker is not only openly praising their own religion, but they also take the opportunity to bash the religions of others. It’s best to click that unfriend button and block. No one needs a religion pusher!


The Avid Gamer


There’s nothing wrong with people who play games on Facebook. However, the big majority of them don’t turn off their game notifications, either because they don’t know how or just because they don’t care. But guess what, those notifications are extremely annoying to their friends! We don’t know about you but we’ve unfriended people because they were getting more than 50 game notifications a day!


The “Unintentional” Snitch

Games of Thrones

These people will usually post TV spoilers when they know for a fact that other time zones haven’t aired it yet. You hated this type of people in school, you hate them in college, and you will hate them on Facebook. They usually describe the ending of every new film you plan to see, in needless detail. It’s better to unfriend and block these types of people before they ruin a movie you absolutely have been dying to watch!


The Keyboard Warrior

Key Board

The keyboard warrior can be funny at times, but he’s without a doubt annoying at all times. He does all his fighting on Facebook. He’ll threaten people who live four continents and three oceans away. Sadly, in real life, this Facebook bully is just that. Stripped of his computer to hide behind, he is as harmless as a newborn baby.

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