25 Dumb Facebook Posts That Got People In Trouble With The Law

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You have the right to say anything and everything on Facebook right? Wrong. As you will clearly see with these 25 dumb Facebook posts, what you say can get you into a whole heap of trouble, especially with the law. So watch what you post on the good o’l Facebook page and be sure that your posts are nowhere near as alarming as these 25 dumb Facebook Posts that got people in trouble with the law.


Baby With Bong


A 19-year-old mother was arrested after she posted a Facebook photo showing her infant smoking out of a bong. The mother said the photo was taken as a joke. Nevertheless, the mother is facing one count drug paraphernalia possession and a first-degree misdemeanor.


Facebook 'Poke' Violator


Police arrested Shannon D. Jackson for violating the terms of a protection order against her. Under the terms of the order, Jackson was forbidden from making contact with a certain woman in her city, who claims Jackson defied the order by “poking” her on Facebook.


Facebook Message Leads Police To Dead Girl’s Father and his Girlfriend


On May 14, the body of Genesis Sims, 9, was found by construction workers in the crawl space of a vacant Colorado home. Thanks to a Facebook Message left by the girl’s father, Hanif Sims, and his girlfriend, Monique Lynch. The Police were able to track them down. The message states that “they found Genesis unconscious in the bathroom…” and that “they wanted to give their side of the story before turning themselves in”.


Facebook Page Targets Lebanese President


Ahmad Shuman, Naim Hanna, Antoine Ramia and Shebel Qasab of Lebanon were arrested after they created a Facebook page in which they criticize Lebanese President Michel Sleiman. Due to the country’s strict rules against “libel, slander and defamation,” the page entitled “We don’t want a hypocrite as president,” was found to be outside the “norms” of free speech.


Teen Blackmails Over 30 Male Peers In Facebook Sex Scam


By posing as a girl on Facebook, Anthony Stancl “tricked” more than 30 male classmates into sending him nude pics, then used the photos to blackmail them for sex,” Stancl was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


Couple Arrested After Rare Iguana Meal


Bahamian authorities arrested American couple over Facebook photos showing the capture, cooking, and consumption of a rare iguana. The couple was found guilty of violating the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.


Mother Violates Son’s Facebook Page


Denise New of Arkansas was convicted of misdemeanor harassment for posting inflammatory posts on her son’s Facebook page. After an argument, the mother “mistakenly” made several posts on the boy’s Facebook page including the following: “The only mistake I ever made was having a kid.” A judge ordered her to complete classes for parenting and anger-management; and pay a fine of $435.


Man Jailed For Fake Profile


Morocco resident Fouad Mourtada created a Facebook profile identifying himself as Prince Moulay Rachid, the Moroccan King’s brother. Consequently, Mourtada was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison for “villainous practices” and “identity fraud”.


UK Fugitive Arrested For Taunting Cops On Facebook


Inmate Craig “Lazie” Lynch escaped while serving time for a robbery. Once out, Lynch began posting photos of himself mocking the police on Facebook. Lynch’s Facebook profile attracted 40,000 friends but led police straight to him.


Facebook Photos incriminates Shoplifters


After being tipped by a costumer, Boutique owner Stacey Price used Facebook to track-down shoplifting students by uncovering photos in which one of the suspects posed with the stolen items. The police later arrested and charged the students with stealing at least $200 from Price’s boutique.


Robbery, Murder suspect Tracked Down Via Facebook


Thanks to Facebook, Filipino police arrested Mark Dizon, a man suspected of murdering nine people during a series of three armed robberies. Dizon’s photos on Facebook were shown to eyewitnesses, who identified Dizon as the one they saw fleeing from one of the murder scenes.


Fraud Fugitive Gets Caught


Fugitive Maxi Sopo, who was wanted for bank fraud, fled to Mexico to avoid arrest. However, he started boasting about “living in paradise,” on Facebook and even friended a former U.S. Justice Department official (Smart move) who helped authorities locate Sopo’s address and arrest him.


"Scarface" Caught Thanks to Facebook Chat


Mafia hitman Pasqual Manfredi, aka “Scarface” was caught by the police thanks to his Facebook activity. Manfredi apparently logged on to Facebook so often that police were able to trace the signal from his Internet key and find his hideout.


Facebook Romantic Quarrel Sends One To Jail


Indonesian teen Farah Nur Arafah was sentenced to 75 days in jail for insulting her “romantic rival” Felly Fandini via Facebook. Supposedly, Arafah called Fandini a dog and a pig, accused her of being promiscuous and called her fat. Judges found Arafah guilty of defamation.


Underage Drinking Student Caught Using Facebook Photo


Adam Bauer, 19, accepted a Facebook friend request from an attractive girl he didn’t know, shortly after he found himself in front of an officer who was laying out Facebook photos of Bauer holding a beer — resulting in a ticket for underage drinking.


Father Asks 13 Year Old Daughter For Sex On Facebook


Police say that 39-year-old John Forehand, father of a 13-year-old girl, tried to solicit sex from her via Facebook. Going by “Bad Daddy,” Forehand proposed that they meet for sex, but the girl told her mother, who alerted police. The state Child Predator Unit and Ephrata Police arrested Forehand when he arrived at a predetermined meeting location.


Facebook Leads To Gang's Arrest


According to police, an Ivan Padilla gang member’s Facebook profile provided police with clues in the hunt for others belonging to the “flamboyant gang of young men and women who robbed the rich to feed their drug habits,”.


Mother Finds Missing Children After 15 Years


After 15 years apart, Prince Sagala reconnected with her abducted children on Facebook. Faustino Utrera, the father of Sagala’s son and daughter, allegedly took the children from their California home in 1995. After initially contacting her daughter through Facebook, “Sagala alerted police, who thanks to Facebook tracked the girl to central Florida and arrested Faustino Utrera


"Lol-ing" a hit and run and a DUI on Facebook.


Paula Asher,18, was sent to jail after hitting a car with four teenagers in it, driving off, getting a DUI, and then joking about it on Facebook. The parents of the teens in the car saw Asher’s message and asked a local judge to have her remove the post. But Asher declined; for which she was sentenced to two days in prison.


Catch me if you can


Victor Burgos, a criminal on the Most Wanted list. Went on Facebook and posted “Catch me if you can! I’m in Brooklyn.” Needless to say, the police went to Brooklyn and caught him.


Criminal Planking


Nate Shaw, 20, of Gladstone in the state of South Australia found himself on the wrong side of the law after local police saw a photo of him on Facebook planking on a constabulary cruiser. Shaw was issued a notice to appear on a charge of being found on police property without lawful excuse.


DUI Idiot


After posting this lovely message, Mr. Jacob Cox-Brown was charged with two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver. Unfortunately, the Facebook post was not sufficient evidence of his intoxication.


19-year-old currently in jail for "sarcastic" Facebook comment.


Justin Carter is a 19-year-old who has been in jail since February 2013 due to an allegedly sarcastic Facebook remark which reads: “I think Ima shoot up a kindergarten / And watch the blood of the innocent rain down/ And eat the beating heart of one of them.” He’s currently awaiting a trial even though he and his family maintain that the Facebook messages were meant to be sarcastic.


19-year-old, Matt Woods makes sick jokes about missing children on Facebook


Matthew Woods, A teenager in England was sentenced to three months in jail after making numerous inappropriate comments about April Jones, 5, and Madeleine McCann, 4, who disappeared. Woods’ Facebook messages included: “I woke up this morning in the back of a transit van with two beautiful little girls, I found April in a hopeless place.” and “Who in their right mind would abduct a ginger kid?”


4-year jail sentence for encouraging a riot.


Jordan Blackshaw, 20, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, were sentenced to 4 years in prison after using Facebook to try and encourage a riot in England. Blackshaw created a Facebook event for “Smash Down in Northwich Town” and Sutcliffe-Keenan created a page for The Warrington Riots.

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