25 Random Signs You Might Want To Pay Attention To

Posted by , Updated on September 6, 2016

From sailors to storm chasers, there are numerous professions out there that require you to be weary and alert of your surroundings. Unfortunately for some of us, we don’t fall into those categories. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t be ready to spot random signs of trouble from a mile away. Today we’re going to go over a few things that send a really bad signal about what’s coming around the corner.

As usual, some of these are just there for the fun of it. For example, when rich people all start doing the same thing. That could certainly be a sign of something bad, but on our list we just put it there because we felt like it needed some comic relief, but by now you should know the drill.

Other things though, are very, very, very serious. Take the one about your depressed friend becoming all cheerful out of the blue. That can be a very serious sign. Many times when people have decided to commit suicide, their mood actually improves like this. Needless to say, just make sure you don’t take the whole list as a joke. With that said, these are 25 Random Signs You Might Want To Pay Attention To.

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The guy wearing the bomb suit is running

bomb suitImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

You should also be running, preferably in the same direction that he is.


The professor folds the test before giving it back to you

The professor folds the test before giving it back to youSource: reddit

At least they’re protecting your dumbness from the judgement of your classmates.


"No offense, but..."

"No offense but..."Source: 9gag

It will probably be offensive.


You're hiking and your hair starts standing up

lightningImage: wikipedia, Source: howstuffworks

Beware of lightning, especially if you’re the tallest thing around.


All the birds go quiet

birdImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

This pretty much means it’s too late and the bear is right behind you.

Note: Birds will first change their song to alarm calls. They typically only stop singing once the predator is right on top of them.


When your mom calls you by your first, middle, and last name

When your mom calls you by your first, middle, and last nameSource: 9gag

You messed up.


"We need to talk..."

"We need to talk..."Source: 9gag

The worst four words any guy can hear.


When you're in a crowd and everybody stops to look at you

crowdImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

You know it’s probably not for a positive reason.


You have a sudden impending feeling of doom

Emergency roomImage: pixabay, Source: webmd

This is actually a sign that something could be wrong medically (pulmonary embolism, etc).

Note: This is why doctors are taught to take it very seriously when someone believes they are about to die.


Green clouds

tornadoSource: wikipedia

If this happens in the midst of a storm, you should consider the possibility of a tornado.


When your previously depressed friend becomes very cheerful all of a sudden

suicide preventionImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

While this isn’t always bad, if there are no other obvious explanations, be cautious because they may have resolved to commit suicide.


Good stuff keeps happening

Good stuff keeps happeningSource: reddit, Source: wikipedia

It’s called Murhpy’s Law.


When rich people all start doing the same thing at the same time

rich peopleImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Like leaving the country…


When the video game autosaves

When the video game autosavesSource: 9gag

Get ready for mayhem


Lots of senior level people at your company start retiring one after another

cubiclesImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

And then you get an email from HR


You smell burning wires

fireImage: pixabay, Source: youtube

Actually, the smell of smoke, period. Especially when you’re in an enclosed space. Just look up the Station nightclub fire, and you will never enter a building without knowing where the exits are again.


When someone asks, "What's the worst that could happen?"

Apocalypse memeSource: reddit

Famous last words. The answer to that is always, “The worst that could happen.”


A local comes up to tell you that you shouldn't be in this part of town

crime scene tapeImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Unless you’re in Australia, in which case they’re messing with you.


A shaky red dot appears on your chest

targetImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

And your friend that always carries a laser pointer is nowhere in sight.


Your phone ringing at 3am

phoneImage: publicdomainpictures.net, Source: reddit

And if something bad isn’t happening, it’s about to because you just got woken up for nothing.


When your ears pop during a storm

stormImage: wikipedia, Source: livescience

This means there are really large temperature/pressure changes, and the storm will likely be pretty bad.


A strange feeling in the pit of your stomach

memeSource: reddit

Human intuition is worth listening to. Similar to the feeling of pending doom, chances are you need to pay attention to what your gut is telling you. This is true in a many situations like meeting a new person, hearing the phone ring, or any other seemingly normal things that still make your stomach drop.


You feel dizzy and start losing strength in your limbs

dizzyImage: pixabay, Source: webmd

If you don’t feel better after a couple minutes, you may want to call help. There are several medical problems that could cause this, from minor to life-threatening. At best, you’ll probably pass out (so sit/lie down) and at worst it could be something serious.


"Passengers, this isn't your pilot speaking."

airplaneImage: pixabay, Source: 9gag

Is anybody on board that knows how to fly a plane?


When the water starts receding at the beach

beachImage: wikipedia, Source: bbc

Get out. Don’t even look back. That water is going to return with a vengeance. What many people don’t realize is that an abnormally low tide that might make people stare in wonder is actually a tell-tale sign that a tsunami is impending. It might sound counter-intuitive, but it’s true.

Note: Numerous people died in the Sri Lankan tsunami because instead of running to higher ground, they ran out to collect dead fish.

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