25 Annoying Things People Do That Aren’t Actually Wrong

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People can be annoying; we probably don’t need to tell you that. Whether it’s chewing with an open mouth or just breathing really loudly, there are a seemingly infinite number of ways that your fellow humans can annoy you. Today, we are going to be taking a closer look at some of those things.

Have you ever had a friend that just never stops complaining? Or what about that friend that posts leading questions or comments on social media such as, “This always happens!” And then everybody replies with, “What happened?” or “Are you okay?” What about people that have advice for everything, even when you didn’t ask for it? There are just so many things that can push your annoyance meter to the maximum.

Have you ever noticed, however, that some of the most annoying things that people do are actually things you do yourself? It’s funny how that works. We’re all pretty hypocritical when it comes to being annoyed. But then again, there are some of us that just seem to never get annoyed. If that’s you, awesome! However, by the time you get done reading this list, we think you might start noticing some things. At any rate, these are 25 Annoying Things People Do That Aren’t Actually Wrong!

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Loud laughing

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We all know that it’s not “just the way they are.” If they were being hunted by the KGB in a forest at midnight, they would be stone silent no matter how funny the joke. It’s for attention.


"Overly nice talking"

Fake People memeSource: imgur

This typically involves speech that is at least one octave higher than normal. Even if it’s genuine, it typically comes off as patronizing.


Loud sighing

sigh memeSource: imgur

This is almost always done in an attempt to get you to ask about why they are sighing. It’s a trap.


Making everything a big deal

big deal memeSource: thoughtcatalog

No man, it’s just gum on your shoe. This is definitely not the worst day ever.


Asking you to do something while you're already doing it

annoying memeSource: reddit

This applies primarily to parents. For example, as you are taking the trash out, your mom asks you, “Can you please take out the trash?”


Story topping

last word memeSource: thoughtcatalog

Always trying to one-up other people’s stories gets old quick.


Close talking

Close talking memeSource: imgur

Although standing one inch from the other person’s face is normal in some countries, in most English speaking regions, it’s definitely going to frustrate some people.


Being unnecessarily loud

yelling memeSource: thoughtcatalog


Note: This is especially relevant for close talkers.


Not communicating efficiently via text

textingImage: wikipedia, Source: imgur

This is especially true when you ask a yes or no question and receive an “ok” in response.


Knowing everything

Sheldon memeSource: thoughtcatalog

These are the people who have input/advice on every thing. Every. Single. Thing. It’s worse when you know they’re wrong but want to be polite, so you just let them go on with the nonsense.


Taking forever to say bye

good bye Picard memeSource: imgur

Small talk is okay, but when people have to wake up the next morning for work…it’s not okay.


Fishing for compliments

Fishing for compliments memeSource: thoughtcatalog

This primarily involves people who constantly put themselves down expecting you to disagree with them and tell them how amazing they are.


Telling you to calm down

Tell me to calm down memeSource: imgur

While they themselves are very not-calm.


Allowing people to cut in line

lineImage: wikipedia, Source: thoughtcatalog

While cutting in line probably wouldn’t make this list (because it is arguably wrong, ethically speaking), allowing people to cut in the line is just as annoying.


Giving unsolicited advice

no thanks memeSource: reddit

These are the people who, should you tell them anything, will give you a laundry list of things you should consider. As if you haven’t thought of any of those yourself.


Just talking about themselves

cookie monster memeSource: thoughtcatalog

Beware of the me monster.


Chewing loudly

llamaImage: publicdomainpictures.net, Source: imgur

While slurping your soup may be acceptable in some cultures, in most places this is not the case.


Always using people's names

keep saying my name memeSource: reddit

Yes, we know, this is considered a courtesy in some parts of the world, but in many other parts, it can be seen as condescending. Context is key.


Constant complaining

Constant complaining memeSource: thoughtcatalog

This goes for people who don’t realize that everybody can find something to complain about.


Bragging about how drunk they are

drunk manImage: pixabay, Source: imgur

“I’m sooooooooooo drunk right now.” Unless you are just as drunk as they are, and then you are probably being annoying together, so it’s okay. Just stay on that side of the room over there.


Always posting/talking about being a mom

cool mom memeSource: reddit

These are also known as “camouflaged me-monsters.” It seems like it’s not about them because it’s about the kid right? Nope. It’s still just about them.


Breathe loudly

Breathe loudly memeSource: thoughtcatalog

There’s only a limited amount of air, dude. Give the plants some time.


Plastic smiles

fake laugh memeSource: thoughtcatalog

These are the people who are smiling one of those big fake corporate smiles even when they’re mad at you.


Taking too long to tell a simple story

clockImage: pixabay, Source: imgur

As they say, it’s good to have a point.


Anything that you do

hypocrites memeSource: thoughtcatalog

Have you ever noticed that people annoy you the most when they’re doing things that you yourself are guilty of? It’s a delightful mix of your normal annoyance at something with a touch of self-loathing.


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