25 Outrageous Shoes That Are Sure To Turn Heads

Everyone knows that first impressions are important, and these outrageous shoes will make a big statement to everyone that meets you! More than just weird clothes, crazy hair, or an amazing beard this one of a kind shoes will say so much about your style and personality!

Think you have the confidence it takes to wear our most outrageous shoes? Make sure to check out these 25 Outrageous Shoes That Are Sure to Turn Heads, and get your credit card ready – all of these shoes are available on Amazon!

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These shoes are sure to make you hungry!

pink shoe with fried eggs and blue shoe with bacon

If you love your breakfast foods you need these shoes!


Talk about a shoe that makes you want to stay away!

black spiky men's loafer

This shoe is a great way to make sure no one ever steps on your toes.


These shoes smell a little fishy

Fish shaped sandal

These fish shoes are either the stuff of dreams or the shoes of nightmares – you decide.


And speaking of fish...

black mens loafer with clear heel and small fish inside

These fishy loafers are sure to make a statement at your next party!


These boots might cast a spell on you!

pointed witch heeled shoe

These witchy boots are perfect for your next costume party!


Get these shoes before they fly away on you!

black heel shoe with bat wing

If being a witch is not your style, maybe these Dracula inspired shoes are up to your alley.


Move over Dracula

black high heels with feathers and pearls

Ms. Piggy’s in town! These amazing heels inspired by the Muppet diva herself will definitely make you the talk of the town.


Now something for the guys

glittery men's sneaker with star pattern

While not as big of a show stopper as Ms. Piggy, these “Glamrock” shoes are sure to make you stand out at poker night.


Now these heels are confusing

sock with round heel

Sometimes you want your socks to look like shoes. Other times you want your high heels to look like socks. Or at least this company thinks so.


These shoes are out of this world!

metallic base shoes with black star and astronaut pattern

Now imagine you are on your way to the planetarium to check out some of the most bizarre stars in the universe. What shoes will you absolutely HAVE to wear? These space shoes of course!


Are you looking for something a little more spiky?

black and metal high heels

These shoes will make you look like a cyborg and an armored tank came together. If that sounds amazing, then these are the shoes for you!


Did you miss your chance to be the cool kid?

black, star print light up sneaker

If you never got to be the cool kid with light up shoes, this one of a kind sneakers will help you reclaim your youth.


If you thought the Ms. Piggy Shoes we too tame...

black pump with kermit the frog toe and ms piggy heel

Then these Kermit and Ms. Piggy “Supercouple” shoes will help you take your fandom to the next level!


Maybe you're looking for something more magical

pink horned unicorn shoe with green mane

These magical unicorn heels will have you strutting down the street with pride.


Or something a little more edgy?

red interior black exterior shoe with metal heel and base

These heels are part cool and part metal robot prison cell, which makes them well placed as our 11th outrageous shoe!


If you want more bacon shoes...

flip flop with bacon pattern on sole

Then you have to get these bacon flip flops! Share some bacon facts and people will bow to your bacon baron status.


These shoes will make you squawk!

black shoes with bird talons on the front and back

Think you can rock these bird feet shoes? With the crazy talons and the wonky back claw, these bird shoes are super realistic and definitely outrageous!


Maybe you're more of a teacher's pet

pencil shaped and colored shoes

These pencil shoes are the perfect thing to show how sharp you are.


Maybe you want your shoes to be a little underwater

black sneaker with fish pattern

Then these aquarium sneakers are amazing!


Want some llamas to go with your pajamas?

slip on slide shoe with alpaca image

While not a llama, these Alpaca sandals will make all your friends jealous (just look at that head of hair!).


Maybe flip flops are more your style

large flip flop with toes

If these loafers, heels, and slip-on shoes are not your cup of tea, these big foot flip flops can be your way to get the attention you deserve.


Is there someone in your life who needs some cartoons in their life?

mens loafers with small cartoon images

These men’s loafers are packed with color and definitely make a statement!


Looking for shoes with more color?

brown slippers with colorful images, laces, and beaded ankle bracelet

These shoes are great for those of us who want a little bit of color, a lot of patterns, and of course, a built-in the anklet.


What about a shoe that makes you feel like an animal?

Open toed red pump with fur heel and animal theme

This Muppet-themed shoe is the best shoe for your inner party animal!


An our #1 most outrageous shoe is...

gold metal bird cage heels

This bird cage shoe, because what is an outrageous shoe if not one that lets you carry around a pet cricket or two!

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