25 Amazingly Unique Walks Around The World

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Are you an adventure traveler and enjoy walking? These are some of the best walks in the world and will not only feed your need to explore, but they will also expose you to history, culture, and nature. Strap on your hiking or walking shoes; from the best long distance hiking trails to unique local treks, here are 25 Amazingly Unique Walks Around The World!


The Berlin Wall, Germany

berlin wall

This memorial is an excellent opportunity to see the section of the Berlin Wall that is still standing. You could also walk around the death strip, a grassy no-man’s-land that separated the inner wall on the east side from the larger outer wall on the west. It’s a fascinating trip through modern European history, with all the memorials for those who died trying to climb over the wall, reminding tourists of a darker period of history, and how politics not only divide a nations, but families.


Rob Roy Walk, Scotland

rob roy statue

This walk follows the steps of legendary Rob Roy MacGregor, who was a historical Scottish hero and outlaw. You can feel the history and beauty in the land as you walk through glens, along rivers, past mountains and lochs. This is undoubtedly one of the most majestic parts of the UK countryside.


The Loire Valley, France

loire valley river and castle

In 2000, UNESCO gave official recognition to the Loire Valley for its architectural heritage and its breathtaking, untouched natural environment. The Loire River is considered Europe’s last untamed river and is also the longest river in France.


Aphrodite and Adonis Walk, Cyprus


The gorgeous Akamas Peninsula, located on the northwest region of Cyprus, has a mystical beauty to itself. The peninsula owes its exceptional character not only to its attractive natural landscapes, but also to the vast wealth of Hellenic history and mythology dating back from over three thousand years.


Santiago de Compostela, Spain 

Santiago de Compostela, Spain 

This ancient pilgrimage route, dating from the tenth century, is a very popular path and tourist attraction today. Traditionally crossing through some of the most charming bucolic parts of France and Spain, the end goal is the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, located in northwest Spain.

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