25 Card Games You’ve Likely Not Played

You’ve likely played card games like solitaire, rummy, and poker, but what about all those card games you haven’t played? Turns out, there’s quite a few, and many of them are pretty fun. From standard playing card games to unique and inventive card games, you might be pleasantly surprised by all the fun you can have with friends, family, and a deck of cards. Sometimes these games require logical thinking, a sharp wit, and a little luck, while others just require you show up and have fun. So, get ready to deal, here are 25 Card Games You’ve Likely Not Played!

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playing cardsSource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplomat_(card_game)

This game is similar to Go Fish. It requires playing cards and three to six players to use their memory, logical reasoning, and strategy to collect cards in four-of-a-kind. The winner is the player with the most sets.



playing cardsSource: http://bantha.org/~develin/creights.html

Using a deck of playing cards, the dealer deals out eight cards. There’s a draw pile and a discard pile, and each player has to match the suit or rank showing in the discard pile. It’s very similar to Uno that way, except many of the card numbers have special abilities and there are, of course, additional rules.



king playing cardsSource: https://www.pagat.com/quartet/literature.html

This one is also similar to Go Fish, except it’s a partnership game requiring six to eight players. Each team asks questions to get sets of cards. Paying attention to the questions asked is vital to winning. The team and partnership element of the game makes it particularly different than other variations.



guillotineSource: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/116/guillotine

Nothing says family game night like Guillotine. A card game based on the French revolution, the objective of this game is to execute the least popular nobles. Requiring 2 to 5 players and thirty minutes of playing time, you’ll win by getting ahead.



99Source: https://www.grandparents.com/grandkids/activities-games-and-crafts/ninety-nine

This card game requires a standard deck of playing cards, 3 tokens for each player, and 3 or more players. Each player lays down a card that adds on to the total. You can’t go beyond 99. If you do, you get a token taken away. The last player with tokens remaining is the winner.

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