How To Live in An RV Full-Time: Benefits of a Solar Generator for RV

Posted by , Updated on March 1, 2024

The modern era is all about using technology to enjoy; it doesn’t matter where you are. Quite a few people these days like to hang out, go on road trips, and enjoy their time. So, the use of vans and recreational vehicles is common. But these vehicles aren’t meant for sightseeing only. People have started using them as living options in order to lower their living costs. Solar generators for RV have gained immense popularity because they power up those vehicles. This lifestyle has its own rewards and challenges. 

Transitioning from traditional housing to living in an RV full-time is a big deal. But guess what? If you manage things carefully, you’ll live an even better life in this house on wheels. Under such circumstances, there cannot be a better portable and reliable power source for RVs than a portable power generator. It is a clean, economical, and eco-friendly option to power your RV. Its versatility will make you choose whatever you want for your RV since these vehicles require frequent charging. So, a solar generator for RV is all you need.

How to live full-time in an rv

How To Live Full-Time in an RV? 

Having a thirst for adventure is quite natural. Full-time RVing is the kind of lifestyle everyone wants. But such adventures come with a certain set of challenges as well. RV life requires you to have strong problem-solving skills and be flexible. And you may have to be a remote worker to live such a life. Want to know what to consider before living full-time in an RV? Here they are:

  • •  Planning and Research

Have you decided to embark on the exciting journey of full-time RV living? If yes, plan and research your desired lifestyle and individual needs. Start the journey by deciding the type of RV along with its size. Financial planning is also important as it will decide the rental costs, daily expenses, and maintenance costs. Look into different RV models, explore their layouts and features, and understand campground regulations. Don’t forget to add depth to your RV journey through route planning.

In order to look for advice, build your support network through online forums. This investment of effort and time will set up a rewarding journey for you with many memorable experiences.

  • •  Organization and Downsizing

Mastering this kind of lifestyle isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But getting organized and downsizing is the key. First, you’ve got to ditch the excess baggage and stick to the essentials only; that’s the first rule of downsizing. Look for items that are space-saving and multi-functional. Be creative with your storage bins as well, and make them look like they’ve collapsible furniture. Some stores have such items like

Onto organization, chaos may look thrilling in an adventure. But for an RV, it’s no less than a nightmare. So, be an organizational wizard and find designated spots for certain things. Make use of any kind of space available. Or you’ll end up playing hide and seek with all your belongings every morning.

  • •  Utilities and Resources

It doesn’t matter where you’ll live in your RV; make sure that all your utilities and resources are managed there. Firstly, water will be your best friend in this entire journey. So, get an idea of where to fill up and dump out. There are various dumping stations in different RV parts all over the US. The portable water tank is another good option. Electricity is what will keep your wheels moving and turning. But camping off-grid means you’ll have to rely on a solar generator for RV, which is undoubtedly an eco-friendly option. So, Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro will be a great companion. Besides that, Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus and Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus have different capacities and can work well enough to provide you with power all the time.

Propane is the need of the hour for cooking and heating. In order to stay connected to the world, you’ll need good internet as well, which is available at different RV parks. So, all these utilities will make your experience an enjoyable one.

  • •  Maintenance and Safety

Maintenance and safety are the cornerstones of your journey. Before hitting the road, a small safety check is a must. Regular upkeep of your RV will save its tires from wear and tear, and brakes will remain in the desired shape. Don’t forget to show some love to your engine as well by changing the oil on a regular basis. Moreover, safety checks will ensure that the RV will roll smoothly. About safety, keep a fire extinguisher, install a working fire alarm, and have carbon monoxide detectors in your RV. This way, you’ll have something to cheer for.

  • •  Community and Flexibility

Community vibes are different in RV life. Roam around the land, have group conversations, and plan outings. This will help you feel less lonely. Be ready for some unexpected happenings, and adapt to the changes around you. Embrace the challenges, prepare for new adventures, and adapt to the wind because that is what RV life is all about.

  • •  Adaptability and Enjoyment

In RV life, the only superpower that can save you is adaptability. Just imagine you wake up to beautiful sunshine and plan to visit a park, but all of a sudden, rain starts to destroy your plans. That’s what adaptability is: you must accept whatever is going on. Keeping a plan B will be the key. The US has diverse climates like no other part of the world, and you’ve to be strong enough to live in an RV full-time. But at the same time, you shouldn’t stop enjoying your company. Reading a good book while being cozy in your RV is one form of that enjoyment. You’ll find many such options if you plan to do so.

  • •  Health and Well-being

Taking care of yourself will keep your adventure running in a smooth manner. Stay active, avail all the opportunities for physical exercise, and make yourself sweat while hiking. Eating healthy is another addition to the tips you can look for in order to be healthy. Cooking in your RV will be a fun experience, and you can also have some tasty dishes to eat. So, make sure that you stay healthy and active in order to enjoy yourself to your full.

Powering your RV is the most important thing to do in order to keep your adventure alive. If the RV is not charged, you’ll have nothing to do and nowhere to go. So, having a solar generator for rv is the best option. We’ll help you understand the need for power in RV living and solar generators for RVs.

Understanding the power needs in rv living and solar generators for rvs

Understanding the Power Needs in RV Living and Solar Generators for RVs

A solar generator can be a portable system that uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity. This power is stored then in a battery. This stored energy is used for powering different devices and applications. So, a solar generator for RV is a portable and most reliable power source for off-grid systems. 

  • •  Advantages of Using a Solar Generator for RV Living

A portable power generator is the need of the hour when you plan to live in an RV full-time. And it comes with lots of advantages as well. Here are some of those advantages:

  • •  Portability

A solar generator for RV is portable. And guess what, you can move it easily because of its low weight. Doesn’t that make it an ideal source of power for RVs? It does. Not only are they portable, but you can set them up in a few minutes.

  • •  Energy Independence

Solar generators for camping will allow you to free yourself from the need for campground fees or electrical hookups. You can enjoy even in remote locations with a greener lifestyle.

  • •  Renewable Energy Source

You need renewable energy sources such as sunlight to power a solar generator for RV, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional generators with problems regarding emissions. And no wonder why this option attracts the RV owners more.

  • •  Cost-Efficient Option

The less you rely on campsite hookups, the more you can save for yourself. No campground fees mean no electricity bills, leading you to have your portable power station for camping.

So, a solar generator for RV is all you need to make your RV living thrilling.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Generator for RV

Choosing a solar generator for RV is a complex task and requires you to have a closer look at certain factors given below:

  • •  Power Output and Battery Capacity

While talking about solar generators for your RV adventure, don’t forget to consider their power output and battery capacity. Look for an RV generator that matches or exceeds your electricity needs. Don’t forget to check the storage tank for your generator, and opt for a battery with enough capacity to keep your devices alive even on cloudy days.

  • •  Portability and Size

Size does matter when you’re on the road and have to rely heavily on your power generator. And portability is all about finding a spot between convenience and power. Think of your RV as a chariot and generator for camping as its sidekick. Find the one that fits into your RV’s space with ease. The reason is you never want to cramp your style. So, choose the generator wisely.

  • •  Compatibility and Expandability

Both compatibility and expandability are no less than a secret sauce. It is about ensuring that your system fits there and grows. And how can you forget expandability? That ensures you can add more batteries or panels to your existing system. So, this power party on wheels should never stop. This is the only way to stay energy-rich in your RV lifestyle.

  • •  Input and Output Ports

Input and output ports of a solar generator never get the importance they deserve since they’re backstage heroes. These are mainly the gateways for power in and out of your solar system. So, choose input ports that you can connect to various charging sources. Also, find the output ports which can power up multiple devices. It’s like having multiple keys to open different doors. 

  • •  Reviews and Comparisons

It’s important to dive into reviews and comparisons of solar generator for RV to know about fellow road warriors’ experiences. Did the portable power station for camping stand tall during rainstorms? Did it make your experience worthwhile? Look into all the details, from customer service to reliability, to see if what you’re buying is good enough.

The factors mentioned above are really crucial to consider before you plan to buy a solar generator for RV.

Jackery’s solar panel generators for rv living

Jackery’s Solar Panel Generators for RV Living

Living in an RV full-time will require easy access to power, which is impossible without solar generators. And Jackery’s solar panel generators are the best for RV living. You can choose any one of the two given below:

  • •  Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus has the following benefits:

  • •  Efficient

It has a high battery capacity with a greater power output of 2000W and supports almost all devices, making it a perfect option for camping.

  • •  Expandable

It supports at least three battery packs and can be expanded up to 5kWh.

  • •  Long-lasting

It is good enough to last up to 10 years and complete 4000 cycles.

  • •  Smart Control

They have made it so you can control the generator using the advanced APP feature using Wi-Fi only, making your RV camping easy and stress-free.

  • •  Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus

In case you need a solar generator for RV of greater capacity, Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus is here. Check out some of its features:

  • •  Versatility

The generator is versatile enough to power up multiple devices and can easily expand from 2kWh to 24kWh.

  • •  Fast Charging

Your solar charging will be done in 2 hours with six Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels; that’s how good it is.

  • •  Greater Power Output

It can deliver a maximum power of 6000W and expandable 120/240V, which is more than you need during camping or RV living.

  • •  Warranty

They offer a 3-year warranty, along with a 2-year extended warranty period as well.



Living in an RV full-time isn’t easy; it will require some compromises, but the experience will surely be worth it. From the products mentioned above, we can clearly say that Jackery is a game-changer and is more than just a power solution. It not only provides power but empowers your adventures as well. Mastering the art of packing more power in compact sizes is what they’ve done; Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus and Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus are the true examples. Jackery has also got your back in terms of their 30-day money-back guarantee. Overall, you can live a life full of adventure in an RV by merely relying on a solar generator.