25 Ways Rich and Poor People Use Things Differently

Posted by , Updated on May 22, 2024

It shouldn’t be hard to notice the differences between wealthy individuals and those who are poor. Nowadays, it’s very uncommon to watch TV or read the news without encountering discussions about inequality.

It’s a serious issue no doubt, and it has the potential to turn our society on its head if it’s not addressed. However, today we’re going to be doing something else. In a rather light-hearted way, we’re going to take a look at the things that rich people and poor people actually have in common. Okay, not entirely in common.

While both groups use these things in one way or another, they typically use them completely differently. Before we continue, one thing to note is that this list is going to add a bit of humor to a normally quite heavy topic. That was intentional on our behalf.

We believe that even humor and good-natured jokes can be used to invoke critical thinking about the way that the world is structured and the things going on around us. At least that is what we hope we can do with this list. So, without further ado, these are 25 Things That Rich And Poor People Use Completely Differently!

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loanImage: pixabay

Rich people use them to make money (from interest); poor people use them to pay their bills.


Thrift stores

thrift storeImage: wikipedia

Poor people buy clothes there; rich college kids buy costumes there.


The emergency room

emergencyImage: pixabay

Rich people go there for unexpected medical events that need immediate attention; poor people go there when their medical condition can’t be ignored any longer.



golfImage: pixabay

Poor people use them to pass time between shifts at work; rich people use them to pass time instead of work.


Rental properties

for rentImage: pexels

Poor people rent them; rich people make money off them.



candlesImage: pixabay

Rich people use them for decoration; poor people use them for light.



dumpsterImage: pixabay

The rich put it, the poor take out.



atmImage: pixabay

Rich people use them to get out a little extra cash; poor people take out lots of cash at once to avoid having to pay multiple fees.


Mobile homes

mobile homesImage: wikipedia

Rich people use them as vacation homes; poor people use them as permanent housing.


Ski masks

ski maskImage: wikipedia

Rich people use them for skiing; poor people use them for, well…you know. Note: but seriously, who uses ski masks for actual skiing? Another note: we neither seek to justify nor defend theft. It is worth noting, however, that while poorer people tend to commit crimes for which a ski mask could be relevant, rich people tend to commit white collar crime for which they are rarely prosecuted. Which one is worse? We’ll let you decide that.


Military service

militaryImage: pixabay

Poor kids join to stay out of poverty; rich kids join out of tradition.   If you’re enjoying this list, you might also want to check out 25 Things Both Rich And Poor People Do Albeit For Different Reasons.


Outdoor showers

showerImage: pixabay

Either you’re a hillbilly, or you’re just rinsing off next to your pool house.



restaurantImage: pixabay

Rich people use them as an opportunity to experience new tastes. Poor people use them to get full.


Clean water

waterImage: pixabay

Rich people use it to flush their toilets; poor people drink every last bit.



dogImage: pixabay

Rich people use them to win competitions; poor people use them to protect their house at night.


Poor people’s time

cubiclesImage: pixabay

Rich people use it to make money (employing); poor people use it to pay their bills (working).



bikeImage: pixabay

Rich people use them to stay fit and save the environment; poor people use them to get to work.


Vacation time

vacationImage: pixabay

Rich people use it to go on awesome adventures; poor people use it to fix their car (or their bicycle). 



roomImage: pixabay

As in room. Rich people use it to show status; poor people use it to keep their things.


Old cars

carImage: pexels

Rich people use them as luxury items; poor people just use them.


Pool tables

poolImage: pixabay

Rich people use them for decoration; poor people actually use them…usually in the garage.



moneyImage: pixabay

Rich people use money to make more money; poor people use money to not die.


Canned food

canned foodImage: pixabay

Rich people buy caviar for their yacht party, while poor people buy tuna for dinner. Again.   If you think buying caviar is extravagant, check out 25 Crazy Things Rick People Bought Just Because They Could.


Gravel driveways

gravelImage: wikipedia

Rich people have them because they match their estate; poor people have them because that’s all that they could afford.



voteImage: pixabay

Rich people receive them, while poor people give them.