25 Terrifying Dating App Stories That Are Actually True

Posted by , Updated on April 24, 2024

Do you remember the most dismal date you’ve ever had from a dating application? Was your partner excessively chatty, or on the contrary, barely saying anything? Possibly they lacked appropriate dining etiquette, had conflicting political ideologies, or there simply was no spark.

Every day, millions of people scroll through dating apps such as Tinder or OkCupid to find love or have a simple fling. While most people who use these apps have pure intentions, others have more sinister plans.

Some people have used dating apps to con people out of money or even to take another person’s life. We’ve heard stories about people who have killed their date because they got rejected for a second date. One sad story involves a guy who killed his date while her son hid, terrified.

We at List25 urge you to be careful when using a dating app. Always meet in public at first. Never go to a stranger’s house. Be sure to tell somebody where you are going to be. And if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, it’s your right to end the date.

Without further intro, here are 25 Terrifying Dating App Stories.


A Woman Scorned

A woman named Carol Kemp met the love of her life, Martin, online. It seemed to be great at first until Martin wanted out.

Unable to handle this, in December 2011, Carol stabbed him twice in the heart. She was sentenced to 13 years in prison.


The Set-Up

A man named Venkata Cattamanchi had arranged to meet an online escort named Jessica. She met him at Wendy’s and they both went to a motel.

It was there that two men and another woman were waiting to rob and kill him.


Swindled and Killed

Some people will do anything to cure loneliness. Take Jette Jacobs, for example. She was a 67-year-old widow who thought she met the perfect man online. His name was Jesse Orowo Omokoh. He was 28 and lived in South Africa.

Jacobs sent him money and gifts. When she went to visit him, her body was founded dead in a rented room. Omokoh had vanished, along with Jacobs’ belongings, and all of Omokohs online aliases.


Buried Alive

A woman who was diabetic went to meet a man in Morroco after meeting on Facebook.  When they were on a date at his house, she went into a diabetic seizure.

The man panicked and, rather than call 911, he buried her in his garden. She suffocated under the dirt.


Some People Can't Take Rejection

Sharon Simens went on an online date with Jason John Dinsley. Unbeknownst to her, Dinsley had over 100 prior criminal convictions. One was for rape at knifepoint.

When she rejected him for a second date, he bashed her skull in with a cricket bat. Sadly, her young son was hiding nearby.


A Vicious Hate Crime

Michael Sandy was a 29-year-old gay man. He was going to meet up with a man he had met online, named Anthony Fortunato.

When Sandy got there, Fortunato was waiting with three other men, with the intent of robbing him. The four began to assault Sandy, who ran away to a highway and was struck by a car.


Movie Date with a Tragic Ending

In 2011 on Christmas Eve, Ashley LeVelle met up with LaVar Watson at a movie theatre, after meeting him online.

When LaVar got into LeVelle’s car, after the movie was over, he was shot in the back by LeVelle’s accomplice, Stevin Roopnarine.


Getting a Death Sentence for Love

Maria Exposto was arrested for carrying crystal meth at an airport. She was convinced by her online boyfriend to commit this crime.

The thing is, she was arrested in Malaysia; getting caught smuggling drugs in that country can be punishable by death. Luckily, a judge believed her when she said she was scammed.


The Happily Married Murderer

On the surface, Graham Dwyer looked like a loving family man. However, he harnessed a deep lust for murder.

In 2007, he met Elaine O’Hara online; O’Hara was a chronically depressed woman, and the two began a bondage relationship. One day, Dwyer stabbed O’Hara in the stomach and she died.


To Kill for Art

Mark Twitchell was an aspiring filmmaker and a huge fan of the television show Dexter.

In fact, he was such a fan that he pretended to be a girl online in order to get Johnny Altinger to come to his house, so he could kill him just like the lead character does on the show.


He Claimed It Was an Accident

Ashley Pelgram, a 28-year-old, told her mom she was going out with a man she met on the dating app, Kik. His name was Edward Bonilla, and he was eight years her junior.

Pelgram’s mother panicked when her daughter never came home. When the police investigated, they found traces of blood in Bonilla’s car.

He claimed that he was drunk and “accidentally” hit her with his car. Bonilla claimed that she had become violent and, when he tried to restrain her, she died in his arms. He was not believed and was sentenced to life in prison.


Trying It Out


Nicole White decided to try out online dating. She got on a site and connected with Jonathan Harris. She agreed to meet him at a bar.

According to police, Harris took White back home where he stomped and beat her to death. Sadly, White had been the single mother of two children.


Alcohol and Violence


In 2015, Miles Donnelly murdered Usha Patel. Patel invited Donnelly to her house after the two met online.

When Patel put her young son to bed, the two got naked, and Donnelly beat Patel in a drunken rage. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison.


A Father Looking for Love


A single father by the name of Adam Hilarie made a connection with an attractive woman named Hailey Bustos on a website called Plenty Of Fish. They went out on a date.

The date was going so well that Hilarie invited Bustos back to his place. It was there that Bustos showed her true intentions. She had three men waiting for Hilarie to rob, beat, and eventually kill the single father.


A Serial Killer on an App

Police say that Danueal Drayton used the app Tinder to meet women in order to sexually assault and murder them.

He was a suspect in the rape and murder of a nurse named Samantha Stewart. When cops tracked him down to a hotel in Los Angeles, he was holding another woman hostage.


Death in New Zealand

In New Zealand, Warriena Wright went on a Tinder date with Gabriel Tostee. They were at his apartment when the two got into a fight and Tostee began to choke Wright.

He then locked her out on his balcony. She ended up falling off the balcony to her death. Tostee was arrested but eventually acquitted on all charges.


Found a Month Later

On November 15th, 2007, Sydney Loofe was preparing to go on a date with Bailey Boswell. The two matched on Tinder, and Loofe was very excited. She even posted selfies of herself with the caption “Ready for my date.”

The next day, Loofe never showed up for work and didn’t call in. A month later police found Loofe’s dismembered body in a rural area.

They questioned Boswell and his 51-year-old roommate, Aubrey Trail. The two later confessed to killing Loofe in a three-way sex act gone wrong.


Killing FOR His Tinder Date


When you hear about somebody getting killed while using a dating app, you probably assume it’s the person on the date who has died. In the case of Emile Cilliers, a 37-year-old British army sergeant, he tried to murder his wife for his Tinder date.

Cilliers went as far as trying to tamper with the parachute his wife was using during a trip. Luckily, his wife only got a few injuries, and the accident was not fatal.


Killed by Date's Ex

After breaking up with her abusive ex-husband, Jovi Pilapil decided to give Tinder a try. She went on a date with Keith Collins. They went to a BBQ restaurant. Pilapil’s ex followed them.

His name was Alexander Villaluna, and when he confronted the two, he stabbed Collins to death. He tried to kill Pilapil, but she survived. He was sentenced to at least 30 years.


Make Sure You're Single


Alana Rose Jones got no jail time for stabbing her Tinder date. Apparently, the two met, went to Jones’ apartment, and slept together. Then Jones saw a text message from the man’s girlfriend asking where he was.

Jones attacked the man with a knife and told him to get out. She reported to the police that she cut a man who tried attacking her. She was sentenced to 18 months in prison with immediate parole.


Stabbed by Three Women

Most guys would think that going on a date with not one, not two, but three women would be a dream. It was not the case for a 26-year-old Ghanaian man who had moved to Australia.

He met three women through a dating app and agreed to give them a ride. When he picked them up, they robbed him and stabbed him several times and left him for dead. He survived by knocking on doors begging for help.


He Was the One Killed

In Port Macquarie, Australia, Angel Jay went out with Jay Lambert. They hit it off and began dating seriously. When Jay went on vacation a couple of weeks into their dating, Lambert began acting possessive and jealous, causing her to break up with him.

Lambert began to stalk and harass Jay. He stole into her apartment, stabbed her repeatedly, and doused her with gasoline. She survived, called emergency, and police quickly arrived. They shot and killed Lambert.


He Tried to Make Her Disappear


In December of 2016, Francia Ibarra went on a date with Emmanuel Delani Valdez Bocanegra. They met via Tinder. The two went on several dates until Ibarra went missing. Police searched Bocangegra’s home and found a trash bag with bones.

Police believe that he made sexual advances towards her, and killed her when she rejected him. They also believe he tried to get rid of her body with hydrochloric acid.


Man Kills Girlfriend over Dating App Misunderstanding

Jordan Matthews was found guilty and sentenced to prison for the brutal death of his girlfriend Xixi Li.

Matthews went into a rage when he thought he saw a Tinder notification on her phone from someone named Ben. It turns out there was no notification, and Li had no contacts in her phone named Ben.


Not Ok Cupid

Devin Richard Hartman used the dating app OkCupid to lure and rape women he met.

On the outside, he appeared to be a handsome, friendly guy. But, once he got his victims alone, he turned violently aggressive and violated them.

He was arrested in 2015 for related charges and sentenced to life in prison.

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