25 Crazy Things Rich People Bought Just Because They Could

While most of us usually try to get the best deal for the lowest price, there are people out there who actually take pride in doing the very opposite. Mainly rich people, who buy things just because they can. They want to own the most expensive things that are available, and why the heck not. They’re rich! What else are you supposed to do with all that money? (Rhetorical. Don’t answer that). There’s even a website that features insanely expensive, usually totally unnecessary stuff that rich people can buy to show off their wealth and affluence in the most ostentatious way. From gold backpacks, cell phones, bikes and shirts to a $50,000 kiss, a $115,000 lock of hair and even a human life. These wealthy people are definitely not reading our 25 ways to cut your spending and save money list. They don’t need to! They probably have enough money to last them a life time. In fact, they’d probably subscribe more to our most expensive yacht list than anything else (because every wealthy person needs a ridiculously expensive yacht). At any rate, if you’re interested in some of the most unnecessarily (but admittedly mind blowing) expensive and high end item’s you’ve ever seen, take a look at today’s list: 25 Crazy Things Rich People Bought Just Because They Could.

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Would you buy these expensive things if you were wealthy?


Gold rucksack

Gold rucksackSource and image: www.highsnobiety.com

In 2009, Billionaire Boys Club released their limited 4-piece-only series of gold rucksack. Available for $1,650, the backpack featured the brands diamond/dollar monogram pattern all-over it.


Elvis Presley´s lock of hair

Elvis PresleySource: news.bbc.co.uk, image: en.wikipedia.org

Presley´s barber Homer Gill Gilleland kept locks of the singer´s hair and after Presley´s death, he started to sell them. In November 2002, one of the locks was sold for $115,000 at an online auction.


Luxury ice cubes

Luxury ice cubesSource and image: www.dailymail.co.uk

A California-based company, Gläce Luxury Ice Co produces perfectly square ice blocks for “minimum dilution and maximum cooling”. Hand-carved and completely clear, these cubes are sold in bags of 50 and each bag costs $325.


Luxury flying disc

Luxury flying discSource and image: www.zontikgames.com

An increasingly popular sporting item, a Frisbee usually doesn’t cost more than a few dollars, that is unless you pick the one produced by Geoffrey Parker. Made from premium leather, this flying disc will cost you about $305.


Gold cell phone

Gold cell phoneSource and image: www.longliveluxury.com

If you find iPhones expensive, you have probably never heard of the iPhone 5 model recreated by Stuart Hughes, a British luxurious jeweler. Coming in at $16,764,000, the phone is made from 24-carat gold, 26-carat black diamond and 600 precious stones.

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