25 Things Both Rich And Poor People Do Albeit For Different Reasons

Posted by , Updated on September 15, 2016

There are many things that both rich people and poor people do. It’s normal. We all eat, sleep, use the bathroom. Everyone does those things. But that’s not what we’re going to be talking about today. Today we’re going to be looking at those things that are very particularly a rich thing and a poor thing simultaneously.

For example, both rich people and poor people get financial handouts. In the former case it’s a bank bailout. In the latter case it’s welfare. These are things that are typically unique to the extremely rich or the extremely poor. While the middle class can certainly do these things as well, it is not stereotypically known for them to do so. So, when you are reading through this list, think of the poorest, most crooked toothed hillbilly you can possibly conceive of and then the richest, most smug Wall Street fat cat you could possibly conceive of and you’ll have your two groups.

So whether it’s taking financial handouts, gambling, or living in Florida (for those of you who don’t understand, Florida is known for extreme riches and extreme poverty), these are 25 Things Both Rich And Poor People Do Albeit For Different Reasons.

Featured Image: Pictures of Money via Flickr


Drink lots of wine

Drink lots of wineImage: pexels, Source: thoughtcatalog

The price is the distinguishing factor


Have lots of kids

Have lots of kidsSource: imgur

Vote Republican

Vote RepublicanImage: wikipedia, Source: thoughtcatalog

Have animals skins in the house

Have animals skins in the houseImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Own an RV

Own an RVImage: wikipedia, Source: imgur

The rich live in it on vacation; the poor live in it all the time


Serve drinks in mason jars

Serve drinks in mason jarsImage: wikipedia, Source: facebook

The rich because it’s trendy; the poor because the jars are cheaper than glasses.


Drive really old cars

Drive really old carsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Give their kids unconventional names

Give their kids unconventional namesSource: imgur

Live with their parents

Live with their parentsSource: thoughtcatalog

Wear ripped clothing

Wear ripped clothingImage: pixabay, Source: thoughtcatalog


Inbreed (it's either rednecks or royalty)Source: imgur

It’s either rednecks or royalty.


Go bankrupt

Go bankruptSource: reddit

Have someone drive them around

Have someone drive them aroundSource: imgur

Have multiple cars on their property

Have multiple cars on their propertySource: reddit

Have a tan

Have a tanSource: distractify

Farmer’s tan vs beach tan


Have a significant other that is 20 years their junior

Have a significant other that is 20 years their juniorSource: reddit


DrugsImage: pixabay, Source: imgur

As always, price is the distinguishing factor.


Know a lot of judges

Know a lot of judgesImage: wikipedia, Source: huffingtonpost

Have a TV in their backyard

Have a TV in their backyardImage: wikipedia, Source: distractify

Ride a bike to work

bikeImage: wikipedia, Source: imgur

Not use a bank

Not use a bankSource: reddit

Take mudbaths

Take mudbathsImage: wikipedia, Source: imgur

Live in Florida

Live in FloridaImage: pixabay, Source: reddit

Florida’s demographics – working professionals, rednecks, old people



GambleImage: wikipedia, Source: imgur

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Get financial handouts from the government

Get financial handouts from the government (either bank bailouts or welfare)Source: imgur

It’s either bank bailouts or welfare

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