25 Things That Could Be Hazardous To Your Health If You’re Not Careful

Life is hard. We all know that, but sometimes we just make it harder on ourselves. If things are already so difficult, why should we go and unnecessarily make them even harder? For example, camping isn’t easy. It’s fun, but not easy. So why on Earth would you go and mess around with that little bear cub? Do you see what you just did? You just made camping a lot harder, probably even hazardous to your health. Now not only do you have to worry about packing all of your things, you have to worry about packing all of your things before you get eaten by a really angry mama bear!

This situation seems a bit ridiculous. Of course nobody would go out of their way to make life hard on themselves! However, we do it all the time. Life is hard, so people take drugs, which makes life harder, so people take more drugs, which makes life even harder, so people…oh, you get the point. The point is that there are certain things that you just shouldn’t mess around with. They’ll either mess you up for good or throw you into a vicious cycle that you’ll have a hard time escaping from. Okay, we probably over-exaggerated a bit, but even so, these are 25 Things That Could Be Hazardous To Your Health If You’re Not Careful!

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The US Postal Service

The US Postal ServiceImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

More specifically, the US Postal Inspection Service. They’re like the FBI of mail crime (stealing mail, assaulting postal workers, etc), and for various reasons, they have a somewhat “tough on crime” reputation.



KrokodilImage: wikipedia, Source: wikipedia

If you’ve never heard of this drug, don’t google it. It’s bad.

Note: We know you googled it. We warned you.


Murphy beds

Murphy bedsImage: wikipedia, Source: dailymail

They’re the hinged beds that fold up into the wall, and they’ve killed people. It’s true; people have gotten stuck inside of them and died/suffocated. Some have even been found mummified.


Chlorine trifluoride

Chlorine trifluorideImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Let’s put it this way, during WWII the Germans tried to use this chemical in flamethrowers but found it too nasty to work with. You know it’s bad when not even the Nazis mess with it.

Fun fact – it will light rocks on fire. And everything around the rocks on fire.



GunsImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

Always treat them as if they are loaded. Far too many people die every year playing around with guns and pretending to shoot them.

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