25 Things People Don’t Realize Are Actually Quite Dangerous

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what is and isn’t dangerous. Things like plane crashes for example. Those are definitely dangerous. Or animals with sharp teeth. How can those not be dangerous? Have you ever seen a shark? Yup, definitely dangerous (which is why they are in our 25 most dangerous animals list). The truth is that we are actually programmed to decipher dangerous situations. The reason people have phobias of heights is because throughout history such people have tended to live longer (they didn’t usually fall off of cliffs for example). So heights are still a threat right? Well, yes, but the world we live in has changed significantly. For example, lets go back to the dangerous airplanes. People tend to think that airplanes are dangerous. Why? Well, in part because of our various phobias and built in mechanisms that we use to interpret danger around us (for example our fear of heights). The problem with this is that our built in phobias don’t take modern engineering into account. We don’t instinctively realize that driving is significantly more dangerous than flying. All our bodies know is that the plane is higher in the air, we don’t have control of it, and it is moving very fast. Flying versus driving aren’t the only activities in which we misjudge the danger. These are 25 things people don’t realize are actually quite dangerous.

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Drinking alcohol and taking tylenol

Drinking alcohol and taking tylenolSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

By themselves and in moderation these things are not that dangerous, but put them together and get ready for a trip to the hospital.



FightingSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This may sound silly, because who wouldn’t think that fighting is dangerous? What people don’t realize, however, is just how easy it is to never get up again. Every year numerous people get hit the wrong way, or fall and smash their head the wrong way, and that’s the end. You may want to punch someone in the face but just know that you could easily end up facing manslaughter charges.


Texting while driving

Texting while drivingSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Ok, so you’re an ace driver, but it’s not even necessarily that you are going to make more mistakes while texting. It’s how you are going to react to other people’s mistakes.



DrivingSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

As if texting while driving isn’t bad enough, driving itself is already one of the most dangerous things you do on a daily basis. We know you’re afraid of flying but you have no idea how much safer it is. Every time you get in a car your chance of dying skyrockets.


Leaving a toothache untreated

Leaving a toothache untreatedSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Although it’s usually an easy fix, if you don’t get it looked at it has the potential to turn into an infection that can even affect your brain.

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