25 Of Earth’s Most Breathtaking Natural Wonders

Posted by , Updated on June 20, 2024

From giant sink holes to rocky cliffs these are 25 of Earth’s most breathtaking natural wonders.



Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

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Located about 125 km south of Reykjavik, the uniqueness of this waterfall makes it a popular tourist stop.


Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

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Known as the jewel of the Rockies, this is one of the most photographed lakes in North America.


Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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One of Ireland’s biggest natural tourist attractions, these cliffs are known for amazing views and incredible cliff-side trails.


Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

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A nature lover’s paradise, the clear water of these lakes rests between rocky cliffs and gushing waterfalls.


Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia

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Made up of nearly 3,000 individuals reefs, the Great Barrier Reef extends for nearly 2,600 km and is the world’s largest structure composed of living organisms.


Mount Bromo, Indonesia

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Although this volcano inside a volcano has for the most part been closed off to the public, locals will still stop by every year to throw live chickens into the crater as part of the Kasada festival.


Halong Bay, Vietnam

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This bay in Vietnam is filled with thousands of small islands and standing stacks that are overgrown with shrubbery.


Trango Towers, Pakistan

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Among some of the highest cliffs in the world, Trango Tower rises a kilometer above the other granite spires in the vicinity.


The Shilin Stone Forest, China

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Spread over 350 square kilometers in Yunnan province, these stone needles look like an ancient petrified forest.


Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii, United States

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The lush green mountains ripple with slopes and ridges for more than 1,300 meters before dipping into the Pacific.


Gran Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

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At the world’s largest salt flat you’ll find plenty of interesting things, including a hotel made entirely of salt.


Pulpit Rock, Preikestolen, Norway

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With a 604-meter drop from a flat plateau with no safety railings, this is not a place for vertigo sufferers.


Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania

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This 300 square kilometer caldera offers the best chances of seeing Africa’s wild animals. Lions, rhino, leopards, elephant, buffalo and nearly every other east African animal call this place home.


Mount Roraima, Guyana/Brazil/Venezuela

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Surrounded by cliffs on all sides, the top of this mountain has been isolated for thousands of years which has created an impressively unique ecosystem.


Uluru/Ayers Rock, Australia

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On the topic of big rocks, you can’t forget about the largest monolith (single rock) in the world.


Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia, Argentina

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The sight of this glacier’s blue peaks draws numerous visitors every year.


Angel Falls, Venezuela

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The highest waterfall in the world, water has been known to evaporate into mist before reaching the bottom.


Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru

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One of South America’s largest lakes is also the highest commercially navigable lake in the world.


Cueva de los Cristales/Cave of Crystals, Mexico

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Discovered in 2000, this cave has some of the largest selenite crystals in the world.


Marble Caves, Chile

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Another incredible cave system, this time it was created over centuries of wave erosion.


White Desert (Sahara el Beyda), Egypt

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Dotted with clusters of mushroom-like white rocks, this desert owes its strange appearance to the wind


Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

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These spherical stones can be up to 7 feet in diameter. They were formed by compacted sediment underground and then emerged when the surrounding layers of earth were washed away.


Spotted Lake, British Columbia

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Each summer, most of the water in this mineral-rich lake evaporates, leaving behind large concentrations of salt, titanium, and other minerals that form a polka-dot pattern.


Ice Towers of Mount Erebus, Antarctica

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On the frozen slopes of Mount Erebus, above the world’s most southerly active volcano, superheated gas rises from the Earth to form icy smokestacks in the Antarctic landscape.


Sarisariñama Sinkholes, Venezuela

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On the flat-topped mountain of Cerro Sarisariñama in southwest Venezuela, gravity has punched four perfectly circular holes nearly 1,000 feet deep into a landscape of remote rainforest