25 Creepiest Things Kids Have Said To Their Parents

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A boy told his mother that a man died in his bedroom closet. She brushed it off as her son having a vivid imagination. But she slowly learned that he was correct and that her son had even been talking to the man in the closet. Another child told his kindergarten teachers that a strange man was trying to lure him outside. After checking the surveillance tapes though, they saw nobody was there.
In this list, we dive into stories from children that make the spine tingle.

Here are 25 of the creepiest things kids have said to their parents!


Past Lives

Mother and Child

Some believe that children are a connection to a world we’ve lost. But could they really extend to the land of the dead? A woman named Jacqui Lampo thinks so. She recalls a story that her mother told her once. When Jacqui was still a toddler, her mother shared some old family photos. One of those was her own sister.

Immediately, Jacqui recognized the face, telling her mother that it was ‘Aunt Diane’ who ‘took care of me before I got here.’ What was terrifying was that Diane had died months before Jacqui had been born. How did she know?



Girl and Mom

For children, a brush with death can leave a permanent psychological scar. But for Louros from New York, it was *her* who never recovered from the words her little girl said one day. While making her way down some stairs, the girl lost her footing and narrowly missed crash-landing into a glass table. In a state of panic, she went running to her mother for comfort.

According to the girl, she had seen ‘the man from church with the long beard’ who was urging her to ‘go somewhere.’ Luckily, she was told that she was ‘too young’ to crossover. But it was a brush with death much closer than any parent wants.


Catching The Devil

Sitting in bed

One strange encounter might be an anomaly. However, when the same thing is spotted by two different generations, it might mean something deeper is at work. Keith Larkin swears that he had been visited by ‘the devil’ on his bedroom ceiling as a child. But no one had believed him back then.

It wasn’t until years later, when he told his wife and daughter, that his fears were confirmed. Keith’s daughter had seen exactly the same figure.


Blue With Red Eyes

GIrl in fear

Amy Vitolo and her husband were left with a haunting feeling by what their daughter told them. Out of nowhere, their three-year-old daughter began describing a figure, in the shape of a boy, that was invisible to everyone else. Whenever it appeared, she froze with fear.

One day, when Amy asked for a description of it, her daughter said that the boy was ‘blue with red eyes’ — something she never forgot. If you think those words are memorable, just wait until we are at number 17, that’s where things move from creepy to truly terrifying.


Cowboy and Mano

Scared Girl

Halina Grant thought she had found the perfect house for her small family. After what her daughter said, she wasn’t so sure. The little girl insisted that she could feel something pushing her body around. Apparently, these spirits were named ‘Cowboy and Mano’, people who used to live in the house.

Halina later found out that the property dated back to the 1930s and was part of the history of Old Hollywood, where cowboys were common.


Scared of the Dark

Long Claw

Darkness can bring out unsettling feelings. When a couple visited a friend’s house for a bonfire, they expected a relaxing evening. All of a sudden thought, their friend’s child screamed. He had seen a dark presence watching him in a ‘dark corner of the house.’ According to the boy, it was a tall shape without eyes, ‘large claws’, and ‘more teeth than a shark.’ Everybody looked around, confused, but found nothing.



Boy Looking Outside

Whenever a parent gets a call from their children’s school, a flood of thoughts go through their mind. A Reddit user posting under the name ‘Opud’ will never forget when her son’s Kindergarten rang to deliver some unsettling news. According to the post, the boy refused to go outside, even when it was recess time. When asked why, he claimed there was a man named Otie, beckoning him to come outside.

Taking the report seriously, school officials sifted through surveillance videos but they weren’t able to spot the man. That wasn’t all. At home, the child had shown similar behavior, standing in a doorway of the house and refusing to go any further. Another Reddit user commented on the thread with a link to Ottis Toole, a convicted serial killer, who had kidnapped and killed at least one child in the 1980s.


Die Die Die

Little Boy

There are certain words that are plain spooky for a toddler to say. One parent reports that their young child had a phase of repeating the word ‘hi’ to everyone — and everything — they interacted with.

It seemed harmless. But on one occasion, it sounded as though their toddler was saying ‘die’ instead. When asked about it, the child looked the parent straight in the eyes and whispered the word slowly: ‘die.’


I Died But Now I'm Here


We would do anything to protect our children. But what if something happened before they were even born? As a young couple were bathing their two-year-old, they took the chance to teach her the importance of hygiene and her private parts.

Shockingly, the little girl seemed to know all too well about these parts of her body. She told her parents that somebody once tried to ‘scroof’ her in that part, even breaking a door down to get to her. As the parents looked at each other, stunned, the girl continued, seemingly trying to assure them, saying: “I fought back. I died but now I’m here.”


I am Rick


This next tale comes from the depths of Reddit, where a user by the name of ‘seethella’ shared their creepy experience with their son, Carson. There were a few things not quite right with Carson. He would slide his forehead along the floor as he crawled and make strange noises.

One night, he ran to wake his parents, yelling that there was a monster in the basement. After making his way down the stairs, the father was relieved to find nothing. Later, Carson wrapped himself in blankets, refusing to come out of bed. When he revealed his face, the boy had an emotionless expression, and told his father: “Carson is gone, I am Rick.”


An Upside Down Friend


A mother named Kelly once had a bizarre experience with their daughter, who told them about her new friend called ‘Upside Down.’ According to the child, this friend could only be found in the rain and had two faces — one that was the right way up and a second that was flipped the wrong way around.

Was it just an active imagination? Or something else? If you want some proof of the beyond, stick around for a tale of reincarnation at number 10.


I Miss It


Kids are so active that they enjoy almost any sport. *Almost* any sport. One hobby you wouldn’t normally associate with children is golf. That’s why when Jenny heard her child suggest they play a round of golf, they were surprised. It was after the child had returned a lost ball from the forest, and he asked his mother: “Can we go golfing this weekend? I miss it.”


Grandma Gets A Death Sentence


Clutching her hands and looking straight into her eyes, a little boy had some terrifying words for his grandmother. He told her that she was ‘very old’ and would ‘die soon.’ Then, just to hammer the point home, the boy gestured to the clock. Is that creepy? Or just brutally honest?


A Creepy New Friend

Kid in Bedroom

Parents certainly wouldn’t expect to be introduced to a child’s new ‘friend’ at midnight. When they noticed that their 5-year-old boy wasn’t sleeping, his response was mystifying. He explained that a woman was standing in his doorway, staring, and smiling at him.


Mona and Irvin


Have you ever had the feeling that there is a presence in your house? What about when you think about all the previous occupants and all that must have happened there?

When Charmaine moved into her daughter’s house to live with her children, she came face to face with that connection to the past. Everything was going well until one day when the woman’s 3-year-old grandson uttered something totally out of the blue. He took hold of a necklace Charmaine was wearing and told her that a woman named ‘Mona’ used to wear one very similar. That ‘Mona’ he was talking about was the person who had built the house, in a picturesque location above a beautiful lake, years ago. But it got even stranger. Not long after commenting on the necklace, the same boy reacted to an old box of photos found in the house. He claimed to recognize one of the men, saying that he often swings from a tree, into the lake. That man had been dead for years.




Reincarnation is a pretty difficult concept to wrap your head around. Hold on though, because this next story might just change your mind. While welcoming their first daughter into the world, Carla and her husband had mixed emotions. Towards the end of the pregnancy, their beloved dog Oscar passed away.

They were hoping he would live to meet their children, but he was already 10 years old. A few years later though, their toddler pointed to a picture of their dog and asked bluntly: “Is that Oscar?” After getting confirmation, she paused for a moment, before telling Carla: “You know I was Oscar last time?”


The man in the closet


After moving into a new house a young son began to tell his mother, Robin, something terrifying. Sometimes, from a different room, she would even hear her son talking to this person in the closet. The boy explained that there was a man living in his bedroom closet and had even died there.

But whenever she opened the door, there was nobody else. Robin reassured him that he was wrong. The previous tenant had been a widowed woman. At least, that’s what she thought. Until one day, while out in the yard, an elderly neighbor told her that her son was right. There *had* been a man living in that room. He was the widow’s late husband. And he even died in that room, just like this the boy said.


Lost In Translation


Some things transcend language. And seemingly, even time. A Twitter user by the name of Alison Skap posted a time-bending experience of her family. One day, without prompting, her three-year-old son began singing a peculiar nursery rhyme. Alison was puzzled about where her daughter could have picked it up, especially because it wasn’t in English. Her husband knew straight away. He told Alison that the language was Polish. It was exactly the same nursery rhyme that his grandmother used to sing to him.

However, she had died long before the little boy was born. Coming up in the top five: toys moving in the middle of the night, a baby who met his dead grandfather, and a connection to a house that goes back generations.


Smell of God


Ever wondered what it might feel like to be in touch with God? Or to cross over to the other side? Those who have been closest are people who have slipped into comas.

Erica Hoskin’s 11-week-old baby had a tragic brain injury and fell into a coma for three days, while she prayed. Eventually, the baby girl pulled through and survived. But something strange happened. When she developed speech as a toddler, she seemed to still remember how it felt to be in a coma. In fact, every time it rained, she would say: “It smells like God.”


The Child Who Predicted His Mom's Miscarriage

Son and Pregnant Mom

We’ve already seen plenty of times when children seem to reach into the past. But what about the future? Twitter user ChelleBelle shared a spooky story about her son’s premonitions. He was only 5 years old but confident about one thing — that his mother was pregnant again. That wasn’t all. Going into further detail, he predicted that his mother was carrying twins and that one wouldn’t survive, leaving him with a single sister.

As time went on, her son was proven correct — she was pregnant with twins, one was lost in a miscarriage, and eventually gave birth to a baby girl.


A Lost Brother

Night Terror

Left alone in a room at night, it doesn’t take much to scare children. For the boy, it was more than just his imagination. Toys would light up and spring to life without being touched. But that was nothing compared to one night, when the boy opened his eyes to see a tall, mysterious figure at the foot of his bed, touching his leg. Frozen with terror, it was only the next day the boy was able to tell his parents what had happened. They brushed it off as a nightmare, refusing to believe it.

Still, for years, something about the man’s description rang true for the family. It sounded like the boy’s older brother. The only problem was that this brother died before he was even born. And those toys that had been lighting up? They were his brothers.



Children Playing

While taking care of her grandchildren, Colleen Jury was given the fright of her life. Full of energy, one day they yelled words this Colleen hadn’t heard for decades.

To try and get her attention, they yelled ‘GG Jo!’ over and over again, before abruptly stopping. These words didn’t mean much to most people. But for Colleen, it made her spine tingle. She could still remember this was the name that *her* mother was called. It was as if they were reaching back generations to their ancestors, despite GG Jo being long dead.


Creepy Kay

Mysterious child

If you’re going to have some kind of spirit following you around, isn’t it best to have a force for good? A four-year-old girl confessed to her mother that she was constantly being interrupted by someone she called ‘Creepy Kay.’ Apparently, Creepy Kay is ‘mean to mean people’ and ‘nice to nice people.’ Luckily, it seemed that this little girl didn’t get on its bad side, and never found out just how mean Creepy Kay could be.


My Dad’s Look Alike

Man Standing in Front of Mirror

Some genes skip a generation. That’s what Carol Katarsky was thinking as her young baby slowly grew into a boy. Not only did the boy have a similar appearance, but he was also developing the same hobbies. That’s only the beginning though.

According to this boy, before entering the world, he met his grandfather many times, when he was ‘still a spirit.’


Gramma Missy

Creepiest Things

There’s something about a familiar neighborhood that can make you feel like you’ve been there forever. When a mother named Gail picked up her daughter from kindergarten, the girl pointed toward a house asking to go there, describing it as the ‘blue one with the cats.’ This was lost on Gail. The house wasn’t blue at all.

However, when they got home, the picture became clearer. Gail’s husband had spent his entire life in the area. And he knew that his grandmother used to live in a blue house, surrounded by cats. However, Grammaw Missy, as she was known, had died more than three decades earlier.

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