The 25 Most Influential People in the World

Posted by on January 25, 2012

While some of the names on this list you’ve probably been hearing since  you were little, most of them are not international rock stars or even close to it. They are ordinary people that were placed in extraordinary situations and somehow managed to shake the world. With everything from generals to rappers, from revolutionaries to news reporters, these are the 25 most influential people in the world.


Fathi Terbil – Human Rights Lawyer

In 1996, after a Libyan prison uprising, Gaddafi’s regime refused to release the names of the thousands of inmates they had killed. Many family members who questioned Gaddafi ended up in prison themselves. Fathi, aware of the risk, took up their case and was of course arrested not long after. His arrest, however, led to rioting and demonstrations that ended the regime of a brutal dictator.


Julian Assange – Muckraker

The subject of much controversy, this Australian born hacker was chosen to be the face of wikileaks from among his peers due to the fact that he had no wife, kids, or even permanent residence, and therefore the least to lose. He willingly filled the role and is now facing the consequences.


Nathan Wolfe – Virus Hunter

As director of the Global Viral Forecasting Initiative (GVFI) Wolfe spends most of his time in remote regions of Africa and Asia taking blood samples and tracking down viruses before they make the jump from animals to humans. It’s not exactly the safest job in the world, but millions of people are glad he does it.


Larry Page – Search Giant

Always one to think outside the box, Larry and his friend Sergey did with Google what most people would never have considered possible – allow people to find anything they want on the web. Its that resolve and willingness on his behalf to think big coupled with his stubborn relentlessness that make him such a powerful innovator.


Maria Bashir – Prosecutor General

As hard as being prosecutor general can be, doing it in Afghanistan where the rule of law is borderline non-existent is much worse than that. Maria, however, in spite of being the only female prosecutor general in the country, refuses to bow to the death threats and corrupt law enforcement but rather presses on in her fight for justice in Afghanistan.