List25 combines the pursuit of interesting and intriguing facts with the innate human desire to rank and list things. From stereotypical cat pictures to crazy facts about the universe, every list is designed to help you kill time in the most efficient manner, all while giving you something to either laugh at or think about! Every day we release at least two new lists, one of which is a video.


While most sites publish top 10 lists or maybe even top 15, List25 was started because people wanted more. Top 25 lists are comprehensive; more in depth, and give more material to argue over (just read the comments). From its humble beginnings in 2011 up until now, List25 has served millions of hungry minds, has been mentioned in big publications like the New York Times, and is continuing to find new ways of consistently conciliating your curiosity.


We currently have over 1 million subscribers on our YouTube Channel, 260 thousand likes on Facebook, over 12 thousand followers on Twitter and over 22 thousand followers on Google +. You will also find us on Pinterest, Tumblr, Daily motion and Instagram (so be sure to follow us).

Who We Are


The boss of bosses; Syed Balkhi is a young entrepreneur with a thirst for world domination. At seven years old he created his first business and has been technically awesome ever since. After founding WPBeginner in 2009 (the largest free WordPress resource site), Balkhi co-founded List25 in 2011 as a venture to share and promote bizarre, informative, and innovative content. Under Balkhi’s leadership, List25 has grown to over 700,000 subscribers with over 100 million video views on Youtube. In 2013, he launched OptinMonster; the best WordPress lead generation plugin, and has seen remarkable success with this venture. His work has been featured by the likes of Wired Magazine, Yahoo, AMEX Open Forum, Mashable, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and more.

Juan Castillo

A graduate of the University of Florida’s School of Design with a Bachelor’s in Architecture and currently working on a Masters of Urban Regional Planning, Juan has a strong drive for design and anything artistic. He also enjoys blogging, social media, photography, nature, his adopted greyhound, and trains. Check him out on Twitter, his blog, and/or his Facebook blog page:

Petr Habarta

Petr is our Czech, laid-back writer extraordinaire who holds a degree in English philology and has been working as a translator and copywriter. He loves nature, sports, travelling, meeting new people and is always curious and interested in happenings around the world and around him.


Tim is the WordPress Developer for List25, responsible for building the web site, WordPress Theme and Plugins. He also maintains the List25 web site, ensuring everything is up to date, secure and optimized to provide visitors a positive experience. Outside of List25, Tim develops and contributes to several free WordPress Plugins for the benefit of the WordPress community.

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