25 Insights On Albert Einstein You Might Not Know

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Although Albert Einstein is arguably the most famous scientist of all time, there are probably numerous things you didn’t know or probably think you know about him. While he managed to completely change science and physics, Albert was also a very regular guy with very mundane problems, like a terrible memory! In spite of that, he managed to capture the hearts and mind of every intellectual out there. Are you one of them? These are 25 Insights On Albert Einstein You Might Not Know!

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Albert Einstein caricature featured image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr CC2.0


The pathologist who did Einstein's autopsy stole his brain and kept it in a jar for 20 years

brainSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel, which he declined

israelSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

But wait, you might say, Einstein failed math right?

mathSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

That is false. He was a mathematical genius since childhood

lightbulbSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

He was even creating advanced mathematical proofs by the time he was 12

notebook and mathSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The origin of the "Einstein failed math myth" is largely unclear but is possibly due to the fact that his final school years were done in Switzerland where the grading scale is backwards from Germany's (6 was/is considered perfect instead of 1)

failureSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Another theory is that it could have been because he was always soliciting help from famous mathematicians

mathSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This wasn't because of his failures at math though, it was only because the topics he was dealing with were so advanced and he was barely a teenager

e=mc2Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In fact, the rumor started while he was still alive

Albert EinsteinSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

When Einstein was shown a copy of Ripley's Believe It Or Not that claimed he had failed math, he laughed and said “I never failed in mathematics… Before I was fifteen I had mastered differential and integral calculus."

ripley's believe it or notSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

He did, however, fail his initial entrance exam at the Federal Polytechnic Academy in Switzerland

Federal Polytechnic Academy in SwitzerlandSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Keep in mind, however, that he passed the math portion with flying colors. Einstein was very poor at language and so he completely failed that part of the test

testSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Einstein didn't actually speak until he was 4 years old

Einstein as a childSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This may have contributed to the fact that he thought in terms of images

thoughtSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In fact, many of his greatest discoveries and insights came from thought experiments and just imagining things

thinkingSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Upon graduating from the Federal Polytechnic Academy in Switzerland Einstein couldn't find a teaching job and so became a patent clerk

albert einstein when youngSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

While a patent clerk Einstein wrote 4 papers that changed the future of science

relativitySource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

There is a common misconception that Einstein received the Nobel Prize for his Theories of Relativity

nobel prizeSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

He actually received it for the "discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect"

photoelectric effectSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This was because his Theories of Relativity were controversial among scientists. The people, however, loved him and were pushing for him to receive a Nobel Prize.

Albert Einstein in a group photoSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

By awarding him with a Nobel Prize for discovering a new law, all parties were satisfied. But Einstein would never win a Nobel Prize for his Theories of Relativity.

Einstein and colleaguesSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Einstein got his first wife to divorce him by offering her the money he would receive from the Nobel Prize...several years before he actually won it. Apparently we was a confident fellow.

notgeldSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Einstein was also notorious for having a bad memory, forgetting names, phone numbers, and dates

Albert EinsteinSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

After divorcing his first wife he married his cousin (an acceptable thing to do back then) and emigrated to the US after the Nazis took power

Albert Einstein and wifeSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

And to end with a fun fact, Einstein's appearance inspired Stuart Freeborn when he was creating Yoda, the Star Wars character

yodaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

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