The 25 Most Breathtaking Caribbean Getaways

Posted by on February 14, 2012

Also known as the West Indies, the Caribbean consists of over 7,000 islands less than 2% of which are inhabited. For anyone looking to escape the daily grind there is almost no place better to go. With incredibly diverse cultures, picturesque scenery, and a perfect climate all year round, these are the 25 most breathtaking Caribbean getaways.



This island is so small that it only has one road, aptly called “The Road”, and with barely 1,800 residents, Saba’s population only reaches 2,000 when classes are in session at SABA University School of Medicine. Of note, it is often listed as one of the 10 best scuba diving locations in the world.



Christopher Columbus named the island after the day on which he first spotted it (Dominica means Sunday in Latin). Since then, however, it has been nicknamed the “nature island of the Caribbean”, due to its unspoiled beauty. Although in the past the volcanic and mountainous nature of the island discouraged tourism to some extent, modern docking facilities in the capital have led to an increase in tourists coming from cruise ships.


St. Lucia

Home to what St. Lucians claim is the world’s only drive-through volcano, the island is mountainous even by Caribbean standards. Although most tourists coming to island stay near their cruise ships in Castries, the capital, it is well worth it to go do some exploring.



Composed of over 3,000 islands the Bahamas has one of the higher GDP’s in the America’s (behind the United States, Canada, and several other islands) and it is supported almost entirely by the cruise industry.


Dominican Republic

Occupying one of only two Caribbean islands that are shared by more than one country, the Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation after Cuba with around 10 million people. Combining a vibrant culture with diverse geography, ecotourism has been on the rise in recent years.