The 25 Coolest Hotels Ever

Posted by on November 29, 2011

Who said sleeping has to be boring? Ranging from mine shafts to jumbo jets, these ridiculously cool dwellings certainly serve to make the nocturnal life a whole lot more interesting. So, next time you’re thinking of settling for the budget inn down the street remember – dream a little. Here’s 25 of the coolest hotels on the block to help you out with that.


Das Park

This interesting blend of modern decor and concrete sewage pipes is situated right along the banks of the Danube in the Austrian city of Linz. Each segment weighs about 9.5 tons, so you don’t have to be too concerned about your friends rolling you into the river at night.


The Hobbit Motel

Complete with small doors and circular windows, Woodlyn Park in New Zealand allows you to experience a night in the life of a hairy footed midget. It’s not just for geeks though, as you can opt to sleep in a beached ship or an authentic freighter plane from Vietnam next door as well.


The Old Mount Gambier Gaol

Located in Southern Australia, it was opened as a prison in 1866, closed in 1995, and reopened as a hotel. For those of you that laugh in the face normalcy, you should be excited to know that the only real difference now is that the doors can be locked from the inside.



Dubbed the “hotel on wheels” it goes to and fro across the continent of South America, shuttling weary travelers up mountainsides and across deserts. Don’t let the exterior fool you though, it comes fully equipped with 30 beds, hot showers, and continental breakfasts.


Null Stern

Although Null Stern means “zero star” in German, don’t pass judgement quite yet. Okay, we know, a former Swiss nuclear bunker turned hotel might not sound too appealing but the service is allegedly unparalleled. You can even have a butler serve you breakfast through a hidden tunnel.


Marmara Antalya

They don’t call it the “spinning hotel” for no reason. Situated in a tank holding 478 tons of water, this 2750 ton Turkish hotel can make up to 1 revolution every 2 hours with the help of 6 electric motors. That’s a mouthful of numbers but really they just mean you’ll go to sleep facing the ocean and wake up facing the pool.


Capsule Hotel

Having become popular in the Netherlands, these bright orange capsules were originally escape pods located on oil rigs. Although they seem small they are deceptively spacious with the ability to comfortably accommodate up to three people. Excluding the installation of an “emergency” toilet along with some bedsheets, these pods have largely retained their original barebones flavor.


Quinta Real

Renowned for its beauty, the Quinta Real in Zacatecas, Mexico is actually a 17th century bullring converted into a hotel. While the rooms overlook the arena, a gigantic aquaduct overlooks the rooms. Not much else compares.


Crane Hotel

Although this is certainly not the most space efficient hotel on our list with room for only two occupants, it definitely wins in the “cool” category. Not only does it have an extremely luxurious interior you get your own crane. The Dutch must get really bored at night.


Ariau Towers

As the biggest treehouse in the biggest jungle in one of the biggest countries on the planet, the Ariau Towers are one of the most exotic places in the world to spend your night. Located deep within the Amazon this complex has over 4 miles worth of catwalks that snake through the canopy.


Magic Mountain

Located in the Huilo Huilo Reserve in Southern Chile, this hotel comes fully equipped with a waterfall that originates at the peak and when turned on full blast comes cascading down over the windows. If you get bored of watching water trickle however, you can go for a leisurely stroll through the jungle. But when that gets boring? Go Skiing. No joke, the slopes are right around the corner and they’re open 365 days a year. Welcome to Chile.


Beckham Creek Cave Haven

Intended to fulfill your deepest longings for adventure, this mountain hotel built into the side of the Ozarks will certainly bring out your inner Grizzly. Whenever you get done hibernating though, make sure to check out the underground Jacuzzi. 500 acres of relaxation.


Burj Al Arab

With its world famous sail shape, the Burj Al Arab is so luxurious that some people mistakenly refer to it as a 7 star hotel (the maximum recognized rating is 5). But it’s not only an icon for Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, it’s also a testament to modern engineering. The world’s fourth tallest hotel is built on a pile of reclaimed dirt 250 meters out into the ocean.


The Old Railway Station

These restored luxury rail cars are still busy providing a good nights sleep to their passengers near West Sussex, UK. If you ever happen to stop by the train yard though, make sure you dress for the occasion. When we say luxury rail cars, we mean luxury rail cars.


Dog Bark Park Inn

It’s like a modern day Trojan Horse, except its a dog and its located in Idaho. At two stories, the world’s largest beagle offers ample room to its guests along with plenty of surprises. See that fire hydrant in the corner? Thats where you do your business.