25 Situations That Tend To Be Way More Awkward Than Necessary

Posted by on January 1, 2017

You know the situation. You’re in the grocery store, and you see someone that you know. You both say hi, maybe chat a bit, and then go your separate ways. Then you see each other again three aisles over. Do you say hi again? Do you make a joke? Do you pretend you didn’t see them? These are 25 situations that tend to be way more awkward than necessary.

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Seeing somebody you know from far away and pretending not to see them until they are really close

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Then you have pretend you just noticed them.


Buying a plunger

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Hey, toilets break sometimes



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Why should we always be saying things in order to avoid awkwardness?


Accepting compliments

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Saying thank you shouldn’t be so hard.


Listening when people sing Happy Birthday to you

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Do you sing along? Do you clap? Where do you look? Should you just smile?