25 Mindblowing Aerial Photographs Of Our World

Posted by on November 26, 2012

Getting a good picture on the ground is hard enough, let alone underwater, but when it comes to shooting from the air it quite literally takes things to a whole new level. Thanks to gifted photographers like Yann Arthus-Bertrand, however, those of us stuck here on the ground get to see the world through a whole new lens. These are 25 mindblowing aerial photographs of our world.


Dubai Marina and Jumeriah Lakes Towers, United Arab Emirates

Image SourceThe Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city carved along a 2 mile stretch of the Persian Gulf shoreline. Until it is completed, though, the prize for largest man made marina in the world goes to Marina del Rey in California.


Freeways in Los Angeles, United States

Image SourceServing over 22 million people, Los Angeles’s traffic infrastructure has had trouble keeping up with its rapid population growth.


Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Image SourceFavela is the term used to describe a shanty town in Brazil. A good percentage of the country’s population live in these substandard conditions, many times on hillsides just outside of major cities like Rio de Janeiro.


American Cemetery north of Verdun, France

Image SourceThis city in north eastern France was the site of the one of the bloodiest battles in World War I and today war cemeteries like this one are not uncommon.


Rano Kau Volcano in Rapa Nui National Park, Easter Island

Image SourceRano Kau is an extinct volcano that rises out of the southwestern part of Easter Island. It is almost a mile across and actually has its own self contained climate as a result of its inner walls being sheltered from the winds that sweep most of the island.


Worker resting on bales of cotton, Ivory Coast

Image SourceWith over 90,000 cotton farmers making their living in this small African country, the Sub Saharan region accounts for roughly 8% of the cotton on world market.


Village in the Rheris Valley of the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Image SourceThe Atlas Mountains stretch almost 2,500 miles across north western African and separate the Mediterranean coastline from the Sahara desert. Although not many people live in this environment every now and then you will find a small crowded village like this one.


Icebreaker Louis Saint Laurent in Resolute Bay, Canada

Image SourceIn order for a ship to be considered an icebreaker it must possess three qualities: a strengthened hull, an ice clearing shape, and the ability to push through ice covered water. Most ships operating this far north will fall into this category.


Palm Jumeirah artificial island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Image SourceCreated using land reclamation, this island is one of the three that are known together as the palm islands. In total they manage to increase Dubai’s coastline by over 300 miles.


Satellite dishes on the roofs of Aleppo, Syria

Image SourceOne of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, the contrast of old architecture and new technology are juxtaposed in this photograph.


Greenhouses in San Augustin near Almería Andalusia, Spain

Image SourceKnown in Spanish as “invernaderos” these green houses allow farmers in the region to grow crops all year round and over 70% of the product is shipped to the rest of Europe.


Lumber yard in Port Gentil, Gabon

Image SourceThe country of Gabon enjoys a per capita income nearly four times that of any other Sub Saharan country primarily due to its more advanced economic infrastructure centered around timber processing and mining.


Pigeon Houses in the Mit Gahmr Delta, Egypt

Image SourceThese are actual houses constructed for pigeons. Known as dovecotes they are constructed out of natural mud brick and collect dropping from the birds that are then used for fertilizer.


Iraqi tank graveyard in the desert near Al Jahrah, Kuwait

Image SourceQuite often whenever a war is over the defunct tanks and other military equipment are left to rot as you can see here.


The Separation Wall built by Israel in the West Bank

Image SourceUpon completion the Israeli West Bank Barrier will run approximately 430 miles along the border of the West Bank consisting of concrete wall, fences, and vehicle barrier trenches.