25 Disproven Myths That People Still Believe

Posted by , Updated on March 3, 2017

Do you believe in disproven myths? You may think you don’t but you might. As people, it can be hard to confront new information, especially when it challenges our preconceived notion of the world. For example, sugar makes kids hyper right? Science says otherwise. Of course, there are reasons that we believe what we do, but those reasons usually aren’t what we think they are. In fact, they often say more about us than they do the world. We’re stubborn and look for things that confirm our point of view. These are 25 Disproven Myths That People Still Believe.

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Yellowstone is going to explode

yellowstone-national-park-1589616_960_720Source: wired.com, Image: pixabay (public domain)

Yes, it is volcanically active. No, it isn’t going to erupt anytime soon. Just ask the National Parks Service or the US Geological Survey, both of whom have spent some amount of time dispelling this myth.


Vaccines cause autism

vaccineSource: healthland.time.com, Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)

The study that led to this belief has been debunked numerous times as being fraudulent. The author, Andrew Wakefield, even lost his medical license in the UK for manipulating evidence and breaking ethical codes. Put simply, vaccines do not cause autism. Moreover, the fact that some people would rather have their kids be dead than autistic is quite insulting to people who genuinely have autism.

Note: autism is not even necessarily a bad thing. The world is significantly better off thanks to autistic people, many of whom have made significant contributions to society.


Sugar makes kids hyper

sugarSource: yalescientific.org

This has actually been disproven. Scientists have given children non-sugary sweets (but told their parents there was sugar in them), and parents still thought the children acted more hyper. Nope, kids are just hyper in general. And when they do get sweets, they’re usually happy. Also, birthday parties have played a significant role in setting up this false connection in people’s heads. Remember, correlation doesn’t imply causation.


We only use 10% of our brain

brainSource: scientificamerican.com, Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

We use all of our brain, just not at the same time. If you’re using 100% of your brain simultaneously, it’s called a seizure.


If the Earth were even 10 feet closer to the Sun, it would be inhospitable.

sunSource: factsfromfiction.blogspot.com, Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

Yes, the habitable zone is quite small, but definitely not that small. Without saying much more, the Earth has an elliptical orbit, which means that our exact distance from the Sun can be quite variable (definitely more than 10 feet).


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