25 Popular Myths That Might Have You Fooled

You’ve probably heard some of the most popular myths around and may even believe some of them. For example, did you know that fortune cookies are not a Chinese tradition, rather they are a Japanese-American tradition that was adopted by the Chinese. Or how about the popular myth that cell phones cause cancer (they don’t). From sugar causing hyperactivity to dogs sweating through their saliva, these are the 25 Popular Myths That Might Have You Fooled!

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Caffeine dehydrates you

coffeeSource: mayoclinic.org, Image: wikipedia

No, it doesn’t. Although it has a slight diuretic effect, this is not significant enough to dehydrate.


Cell phones cause cancer

phoneSource: cancer.gov, Image: wikipedia

There is no evidence that radiofrequency exposure is capable of causing DNA damage the way ionizing radiation does.


The moon has a dark side

moonSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It has a far side, but not a dark side. This means that although the far side remains positioned away from Earth, it is still exposed to the sun all the same.


Vitamin C cures colds

orangeSource: webmd.com, Image: wikipedia

Vitamin C certainly helps you stay healthy but it won’t cure your cold any more than brushing your teeth will fix your cavities.


Sushi means "raw fish"

sushiSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

It actually translates as “sour tasting”.

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