25 Biggest YouTube Trolls

Posted by , Updated on August 3, 2017

Do you ever read Youtube comments and think to yourself, “wow, that’s a hardcore troll!”. Well, we do too, and today we’re going to meet some of the most infamous trolls on the internet. From expert agitators to professional trouble makers, these are the 25 biggest Youtube trolls in the world!



AndroidPhonesSucksSource: youtube

An Apple fan that trolls Android users.



OnisionSource: youtube

Often called youtube’s most troubled star, Onison is highly controversial for the way he covers topics like suicide and self harm.


Misty St. Claire

Misty St. ClaireSource: youtube

Misty St. Claire makes fake accounts and bullies fat people.



EricDouglaceSource: youtube

EricDouglace is a Justin Bieber fan who threatens to hack people if they don’t like Justin Bieber.



CMPuke101Source: youtube

CMPuke101 is known for leaving crazy comments all over Youtube.

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