25 Best Ways To Prevent Viruses And Malware

Posted by on May 14, 2013

No one wants to deal with those nasty viruses and malware. Having your data corrupted and your hard disk rendered inoperable is the worst nightmare for a  computer user. Imagine all those memories from old pictures being gone in an instant when viruses and malware attack your computer. To make matters worse, reformatting is a great hassle. Thus it is best to stop viruses and malware in their tracks before they wreak havoc. As they say, prevention is better than treatment. And in order to help you accomplish these preventive measure here are the 25 best ways to prevent viruses and malware.


Individual precaution when opening emails coming from friends

People have a higher chance of avoiding viruses when they scan their email-attachments first before opening them. If something looks suspicious and is in a video file, chances are that it should not be opened. An anti-virus scanner must be attached as a way to defend the computer from any randomly downloaded file from the internet.


Making extra precaution of installing up to date anti-virus

The anti-virus offered by internet service providers will not be enough to protect the entire computer system from virus or spyware infection. For this reason it would be better to install additional free anti-malware programs for adequate protection. A business grade anti-virus software needs to be installed to protect the PC all throughout the day.


Perform daily scans

Despite the fact that anti-virus tools and anti malware tools are installed, it would still be best to perform daily scans to make sure that no virus escapes the systems. There can be a high volume of viruses entering the system everyday and the only way to reduce the damage is to scan the files daily. Via daily scanning problems can be isolated.


Avast free-of-charge anti-virus

The creators of Avast anti-virus have made sure that it is faster than ever. The creators have found a way to provide clear instruction for installing and uninstalling programs by just clicking a simple check box. It provides sufficient protection from viruses like trojan and worms.



Superantispyware is considered to be an all in one anti-virus system. It can be used to fight spyware, adware, trojans, worms, keyloggers, parasites, rootkits, and rogue security products including the removal of malware. It is light on the system and will not slow down the computer while doing its job.