25 Best Muscle Building Foods

Posted by on March 14, 2012

Everyone wants muscle. Maybe not necessarily the big body builder kind, but let’s face it, even you ladies out there would prefer to be “tone”. Getting to that point, however, is no easy task. It takes time and training consistency to build the type of muscles you want. While working out is half the battle, the food you eat is just as important. So, while some of these foods may come as a shock here are the top 25 foods you need to help you reach you goals in the weight room, whatever they may be. Update: We have launched a new site about health fitness called SteadyStrength. Please check it out.


Black Beans

This particular bean is rich in vitamins B, K, C and A and low in saturated fats. Along with its high protein and fiber content, this bean has 15 grams of fiber and protein per cup. Black beans provide a caloric dense carbohydrate perfect for muscle building.



High in Calcium and vitamin D, this dairy product provides protein for muscle growth and probiotics to aid digestion.



Mussels for muscles! Low-fat, high protein. Mussels contain B12 and selenium, both are essential to the active person. Chow down on these salt-water clams to repair hungry muscles.


Cottage Cheese

For starters, one cup of low-fat cottage cheese has 28 grams of protein! It also contains high amounts of casein protein, (which provides a sustained protein release over a longer period of time) great for night time. A low-fat cottage cheese makes a great protein packed snack anytime and can be eaten with pretty much anything.


Olive Oil

This may seem strange, but olive oil is a great source of monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fats. These good fats are heart healthy. Olive oil also contains oleocanthal, which in an anti-inflammatory component. This helps with muscle pain and inflammation, aiding recovery.



You may not eat  venison often, but consider this, venison is high in iron and low in saturated fats. This meat is a great source of protein without the excess fat, but with all the taste.



Some people say it tastes better than beef and has 80% less fat and 50% less cholesterol. It’s also higher in protein, iron, and amino acids. Sounds like a deal.



A great post workout food. Great source of carbs, electrolytes and fiber. Apples are a healthy snack for muscle building.



A very nutritious legume; containing loads of fiber and minerals. This muscle building food provides a great carbohydrate, which is slow burning. These can help power training sessions and replenish lost nutrients.



Popeye ate it for a reason. Spinach has super food qualities containing several vitamins and it contains calcium. The calcium in spinach may help relax the muscle to prevent cramping during training.


Brown Rice

Brown rice is a staple in many body builder diets. This complex carbohydrate is a sustained release of energy for athletes. Brown rice can be essentially eaten with any meal which makes it a great source of carbs for building your muscles.



Rich in the mineral zinc, oysters are great for raising a man’s testosterone levels. Oysters are also rich in protein, proving the perfect muscle replenishment source.



This nut is a perfect snack for your muscles. Full of protein and fiber, almonds helps you feel full while repairing worn muscles.


Bok Choy

Almost no calories, yet packed full of calcium, vitamin C, potassium and iron. Throw this leafy Chinese plant into your muscle bound diet



With a 9:1 Protein to carb ratio and slammed with B12 for energy… why not?