25 Best Jobs Of 2013

Posted by on January 29, 2013

Getting paid, sustaining your lifestyle, and preparing for the future are some of the popular reasons why people choose to get into jobs that pay well. However, being financially compensated is not the only thing that drives individuals into doing their part and fulfilling their obligation to a company. Skill, expertise, and interest are some of the deciding factors that employers look for when hiring someone. In case you are feeling a bit worried about your career for this brand new year, why not check the 25 best jobs of 2013 and see if you could amp up your growth and profit a bit?


Speech-Language Pathologist

Median Salary: $77,990

Helping people talk and adapt to a certain language is not as easy as it looks. A speech-language pathologist can be considered to be a physical therapist of speech as they help patients condition their tongue, mouth, gum, and air flow movements through exercises that assist them in communicating better. Complications from simple physiological difficulties to patients recovering from cleft lip operations are often assisted by this profession.


Civil Engineer

Median Salary: $77,990

If you are the person that aims to create a better nation by developing plans and implementing projects that improve buildings, streets, drainage systems, waterways, bridges, roads, and even other infrastructures, then being a civil engineer is for you. Knowledge in strength of materials, cost effective materials purchasing, and calculative designing are necessary in this field of work.


Market Research Analyst

Median Salary: $60,250

One of the major job requirements of being a market research analyst is that you must have a keen sense of detail as your job is to actually observe people, their reactions to products, buying trends, swinging demands, and even product likeliness. All of these lead to propositions of changing product prices, packaging, advertisements, selling locations, and more.


Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Median Salary: $65,210

Being a sonographer is not that difficult as far as using 3D imaging tools are concerned. However, it is your task to make sure that the output, quality, and preciseness of the result is maintained. Also, the welfare, experience, and comfort of the patient should also be taken care of, at the time when the sonography procedures are being done.


Computer Systems Administrator

Median Salary: $70,970

A computer systems administrator checks and monitors the health and performance of existing systems in the office or in the business. They make sure that systems are being used in standard functions, they resolve compatibility issues with implementing programs and software, and they also see to it that everything works well, no matter what process is being done. Work stations, networks, and telecommunications services are their field of expertise.



Median Salary: $64,220

From the very sense of the word, an epidemiologist is a scientist and researcher that studies and gathers data about diseases that threaten life on a massive scale. Such diseases are dengue fever, SARS, AH1N1, swine flu, bird flu, malaria, and so on.


IT Manager

Median Salary: $118,010

The IT manager is the main guy that leads a team of IT professionals. Attaining this position can only be possible with knowledge from almost all fields of information technology such as database management, programming, debugging, systems analysis, and so on. More importantly, this pro should also have leadership skills that connect and unite his team of computer experts.


Veterinary Technologist & Technician

Median Salary: $30,140

Just like in the hospital, veterinarians can perform better and more fully with veterinary technologists and technicians by their side. Those who collect fresh samples from animals, place analytic apparatuses, administer anesthesia, and interpret samples through tools are valuable members of the vet team.


Interpreter & Translator

Median Salary: $44,160

Speaking, writing, and sign language are some of the most common ways people interact with each other, no matter the language or dialect being used. Interpreters and translators are advantageous in this field if they master a language that could be translated or interpreted in all fields of communication. They could be hired by global companies and even in BPOs for customer interaction.


Mechanical Engineer

Median Salary: $79,230

Mechanical engineers are well-acquainted with engines, large equipment, and other machinery that performs tasks to accomplish huge jobs. They are usually assigned in car factories, oil extraction facilities, mining fields, heavy equipment businesses, and even in ships or planes.


Physical Therapist Assistant

Median Salary: $51,040

A physical therapist assistant only means that you are accompanying and helping the main therapist in helping and nursing the patient to recover body movements. Though education may not be as substantial and as lengthy as that of the physical therapist, procedures like massaging, joint recalibration, and flexing are still learned. Of course, it also means that salary is lesser than the main professional.


School Psychologist

Median Salary: $67,880

Due to things like education stress, peer pressure, learning challenges, and social interaction school psychologists are needed to make things balanced and leveled for teachers and learners alike. They can be found as guidance counselors, disciplinarians, and even administrators. They make sure that children get the most of their schooling experience.


Computer Programmer

Median Salary: $72,630

Computer programmers are experts when it comes to interacting with various devices and gadgets by creating codes, texts, and even statements that the computer understands. Their complex knowledge with things like Java, HTML, Unix, Linux, C++, Python, SQL, and others offer an edge in this field of work.


Occupational Therapist

Median Salary: $73,820

You may think that being an occupational therapist is no different from being a physical therapist. Although both are assisting in restoring body functions they use varying methods. Occupational therapists help patients restore movement with the use of the environment and modify recovery based on tools being used. Think of inclined planes, stairs, side rails, overhead beams, chairs, and even desks as some of their equipment.



Median Salary: $82,900

Veterinarians are more than just doctors that treat and take care of dogs. In fact, they have been equipped with skills that can treat different kinds of animals from birds to turtles, and even whales. They are also responsible for animal care, whether it is done in the home, in a business, or in some other industry. These professionals also participate in eradicating animal-borne diseases that affect both animals and humans alike.