25 Astoundingly Ridiculous Lawsuits

Posted by on March 5, 2012

Ours is an extremely litigious society with all sorts of mundane issues being settled in small claims courts everyday. And while some of these overblown issues make for entertaining television, there is usually at least some semblance of logic behind the lawsuit. Today, however, we are going to show you just how senseless humanity can be as you laugh (and probably cry) at these 25 astoundingly ridiculous lawsuits.


Allen Heckard vs Michael Jordan

Generally speaking, most people probably wouldn’t mind being mistaken for a celebrity. Not Allen Heckard though. This Portland native filed a suit against Michael Jordan and Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, for making Jordan so famous that he was now suffering “personal harm” from always being confused for the all star.


A Broken Bumper

In January 2008 Thomas Delgado, a wealthy businessman from Spain, sued the family of a teenage boy that he hit and killed while driving his luxury automobile. The grounds for his lawsuit? A damaged front bumper.


Batman vs Batman

We all know Batman the superhero, but do you know Batman the village? Located in southeastern Turkey, the mayor of this small town filed suit against Warner Bros. for using the name of their village without proper permission. Unfortunately, they’re about 70 years late with the lawsuit.


Karl Kemp vs The Homeless

In 2007 Karl Kemp of Manhattan ended up suing a small group of homeless people for $1 million claiming that they were loitering outside of his antiques stored located on the lower East-side…because apparently that’s where homeless millionaires congregate.


David Blaine vs Christopher Roller

In 2005 magician David Blaine was sued by Christopher Roller for using his “Godly Powers” without permission. On a side note, Chris also happens to believe that he is in fact the supreme diety and that one day he will have 1 million babies with both Katie Couric and Celine Dion. We wish were joking.