The 25 Coolest Hotels Ever

Who said sleeping has to be boring? Ranging from mine shafts to jumbo jets, these ridiculously cool dwellings certainly serve to make the nocturnal life a whole lot more interesting. So, next time you’re thinking of settling for the budget inn down the street remember – dream a little. Here’s 25 of the coolest hotels on the block to help you out with that.

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Marmara Antalya


They don’t call it the “spinning hotel” for no reason. Situated in a tank holding 478 tons of water, this 2750 ton Turkish hotel can make up to 1 revolution every 2 hours with the help of 6 electric motors. That’s a mouthful of numbers but really they just mean you’ll go to sleep facing the ocean and wake up facing the pool.


Capsule Hotel


Having become popular in the Netherlands, these bright orange capsules were originally escape pods located on oil rigs. Although they seem small they are deceptively spacious with the ability to comfortably accommodate up to three people. Excluding the installation of an “emergency” toilet along with some bedsheets, these pods have largely retained their original barebones flavor.


Quinta Real


Renowned for its beauty, the Quinta Real in Zacatecas, Mexico is actually a 17th century bullring converted into a hotel. While the rooms overlook the arena, a gigantic aquaduct overlooks the rooms. Not much else compares.


Crane Hotel


Although this is certainly not the most space efficient hotel on our list with room for only two occupants, it definitely wins in the “cool” category. Not only does it have an extremely luxurious interior you get your own crane. The Dutch must get really bored at night.


Ariau Towers


As the biggest treehouse in the biggest jungle in one of the biggest countries on the planet, the Ariau Towers are one of the most exotic places in the world to spend your night. Located deep within the Amazon this complex has over 4 miles worth of catwalks that snake through the canopy.

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