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  • 25 Life-Changing Books For You To Add To Your Library

    25 Life-Changing Books You Need To Add To Your Library

    These days, with all the modern technologies, virtual reality, computer games, social media, and other things, reading books is not as popular as it used to be when we were younger. However, there is still no denying the fact that books can be incredibly powerful and influential. A well-written book has the unique ability to […] More

  • 25 Best Selling Books In History

    25 Best Selling Books In History

    Books. We love them. Whether they be nail-biting thrillers, self-help tomes, or erotic novels, books have played a central role in human history. Despite the timelessness of all books, some are clearly more popular than others and more widely read than the rest. Due to the difficulty of accurately estimating publication and sale numbers for […] More

  • 25 Strange Books You Won't Believe Are Published

    25 Strange Books You Won’t Believe Are Published

    There exists some pretty strange books out there (and you’ve probably read some of them), but it’s hard to image any book being weirder than the books on this list. From Bombproof Your Horse to Who Cares About Elderly People?, these are 25 Strange Books You Won’t Believe Are Published! Last Updated on September 13, 2015 More

  • 25 Books That Predicted The Future And Were Right

    25 Books That Predicted The Future And Were Right

    People love predictions, especially when they come true (that is, of course if the predictions are for good). Though predictions are normally associated with mediums and divination, there are other sources. Writers for example. Throughout history some of the boldest predictions ever made have come from the pages of authors who were eager to tell […] More

  • 25 Outrageous Books You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    25 Outrageous Books You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

    From books about fences to books that explain the finer details of drawing animal pictures on rocks, these are 25 outrageous books you won’t believe actually exist! Last Updated on March 17, 2015 More