Questions She Really Wants to Ask You Before Meeting You in Person

Posted by , Updated on February 18, 2019

Dating isn’t easy, and the first date is especially nerve-wracking. What will he or she be like in person? Do they really look like their profile pic? There are tons and tons of questions that filter through our minds before we meet them for the first time.

While we won’t profess to be first-date experts, we do have some valuable – and entertaining – dating advice for you, especially if you are a guy about to go out on that magical first encounter with a girl. You may be wondering how to tell if she likes you or how to impress her on your first date. You might have even dared wonder what goes through her mind before she meets you.

That last one is exactly why we are here today. We’re going to pull back the mental curtains and tell you exactly what she is probably asking herself about you, or rather what she’d like to ask you straight up if it were socially acceptable and wouldn’t scare you away. For some of you, we must warn you that it might be a little more frank than you’re expecting, but it’s all in good fun. (And don’t worry, we spared all the overtly sexual content in case there are any younger viewers around…but you can use your imagination for those…)

Take notes boys, here are Questions She Really Wants to Ask You Before Meeting You in Person

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15 would you feel about taking a lie detector test before we go out to dinner?

lie detector machine

Have you ever killed anyone?

shadow of man with weapon

Do you suffer from any other mental illness that could put my health in jeopardy?

ted bundy

Boxers, briefs, or in-betweeners?

man in undies and hat

Do you pay your own bills?

money sticking out of wallet

Do you still live with your parents?

man living with exasperated parents

Are you married? Have any kids?

fists showing off wedding rings

Do you have a job?

smug businessman with jacket over shoulder

How often do you shower?

man showering outside

If we start dating, are you going to try to outfit me with a tracking device to ease your insecurities?

possessive boyfriend grabbing girlfriends wrists

If I saw your room right now, would I be able to see your floor?

man sleeping in messy room

How loudly do you snore?

man snoring

Are you fun time material, dating material, or future husband material? (The correct answer to this depends on where I'm at personally.)

fun couple

Do smart, successful women intimidate you?

woman taking off glasses

Is this date going to be a waste of my time?

bored woman

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