New Teacher Survival Kit Must-Haves

Being a new teacher and trying to survive the first year can be very stressful. The first time I taught my class, I wasn’t sure if I was prepared enough. I did everything I thought possible and poured over my materials, hoping I covered all my bases. Still, the stress can be overwhelming, and there’s plenty I wish I’d known beforehand.

No doubt, a new teacher walking into a new class is like a first-time adventurer wandering through the Amazon. You prepare, and fight, and hope that by the end you’ll make it out alive. You learn plenty through experience, sure, but it’s best to save yourself the scars if you can. It doesn’t have to be all scary kids and crocodiles.

Whether you’re teaching Kindergartners or teenagers, there’s plenty of things you can put together to prepare for the coming year. Too often, lesson planning and other logistics will cause you to forget about the small things that can save you a ton of headaches. So, let me help you out with these awesome New Teacher Survival Kit Must-Haves.

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Rules and Team Building

classroom rules

On the first day of school, it’s helpful for students to know what you expect of them. Your list of rules doesn’t have to be exhaustive but can be a simple list, like be polite, be prompt, and be prepared. Of course, you’ll want to put these on the wall. No better way to teach kids rules than with this fantastic classroom rules poster.

Once you’ve established those rules, you’ll need to reinforce them throughout the year. On top of that, you’ll need to have a handful of team building and motivational games the students can play.

Of course, these games will depend on what level you’re teaching, but one example could be “Desert Survival,” where you break up the class into teams, provide a list of 20 survival objects, and have the team pick seven. At the end, you’ll give each time defend why they made their choices.


Learning Resources Answer Buzzers From Amazon


It’s a no-brainer that managing your class is a huge key to success for both yourself and your students. So, how do you go about doing that? First, make sure you have the school calendar, and then put all the events on your classroom calendar. Your students will thank you for that.

You’ll want a student supply center. This can include all the usual supplies kids might need, like a stapler, pencil sharpener, glue sticks, a tape dispenser, rulers, paper, etc… and put it at the front of class. Make sure to have three or four trash cans in different places for easy trash removal. Also, make sure to have a homework drop off bin of some kind so your students know where to put their homework.

But, between you and me, what would make a classroom really fun and exciting is to have these classroom buzzers. Kids love to push buttons and a literal buzzer will only make learning fun and way better than simply raising your hand.


Gerber Multi-tool From Amazon

gerber multi-tool

The school janitor won’t always be around to fix problems around the classroom. You’ll have to do many do-it-yourself fix-it projects alone. With that said, make sure you have a screwdriver, duck tape, extension cords and power strips, flashlights and batteries, some fishing wire, and a small sewing kit.

But, to really make sure you’re prepared, you’ll want to have this awesome Gerber Multi-tool. Of course, keep these items secured and out of your students’ reach.


Healthy Snack Variety Pack From Amazon

hangry kit

Every teacher needs to keep up their strength and energy. Teaching and keeping up with kids all day for five days a week can easily wear you down. It’s just a fact.

So, you’ll want to keep a small supply of healthy snacks for yourself, including trail mix, apples, and chips. Plus, if you’re feeling particularly flummoxed, you might just need some chocolate to get you through the day.

But, why go through the hassle of getting all that stuff yourself, when you can just get the Hangry Kit? It has everything you need to keep up your energy and win each day.



woman teacher

When the bell rings and school is out, you’ll discover the day isn’t actually over, especially if you need to grade tests and finish report cards. You’ll likely have a few late nights at your desk at school, hammering out grades and preparing for tomorrow’s lesson.

To get you through those times, make sure to have some CD’s, an iPod, DVD’s, or a podcast ready while you wrap up your work. It’ll help keep your sanity.

You can also make it even easier on yourself and get a music subscription for your smartphone. Don’t settle for limits on your iPod. Get unlimited, never-ending music to keep you going in the later hours of the night.

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