Deadpool 3 Movie: 25 Thrilling Things We Want to SEE!

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Have you seen the announcement video for Deadpool 3 where you find out Wolverine is coming to the MCU? Thanks to the awesome Ryan Reynolds, we learned that Deadpool 3 is on the way. Well,  by on the way we mean we will get to see it in 2024. So it’s on its way-ish. 

We know that it will star Hugh Jackman as Wolverine along with Reynolds as Deadpool. This should be amazing. But as cool as this news is, if the end product doesn’t have a solid story, a great plot, and some very meta humor, it won’t matter.

We have all been eagerly awaiting the release of Deadpool 3, and here are some of the things we hope to see in this highly anticipated movie.


Tom Holland's Spider-man


This one would be a blast! Just think about how great it would be to see Deadpool getting frustrated and swearing at Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Deadpool could just start endlessly swearing at him and Holland could give it back to him! Spider-Man drops an F-bomb! Cap would not be pleased. 

This would be worth the price of admission!


Cameos. Lots of Cameos


This is Deadpool’s first foray into the MCU. We’ve already seen the X-Men cameos when they were hiding from him in an office in Deadpool 2, so the same type of Avengers cameos now would be amazing.

Personally, I’m hoping for Ant-Man because of Paul Rudd, Thor because of Chris Hemsworth, and Rocket Racoon so I can listen to him and Deadpool argue. Priceless …


Taylor Kitsch as Gambit

Deadpool 3 Movie_ 25 Thrilling Things We Want to SEE! (7)Image:

There must be allusions to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Many of them are constantly So why not include one of the only good things from that movie?

Taylor Kitsch was pretty good as Gambit, and he was woefully underused. Besides, I feel bad for the guy! He has been in so many movies that should have been huge but fizzled instead. Battleship, John Carter, etc.

I say bring him back for another shot!


Taylor Swift (get killed)

Taylor Swift

Did you notice that the Deadpool 3 trailer was filmed in the same house that Taylor Swift used for her “All Too Well” short film/music video? Did you also know that Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, are good friends with Taylor Swift?

All of that is true, and it would be such a waste not to have her in the movie. Swift also has a pretty good sense of humor about herself and her image.

My vote is for her to not only be in the film but to also be killed in the movie! It would be great for her fans to see her in the movie and for her non-fans to see her demise. Good times, man. Good times.


References to all the different versions of Wolverine that Jackman has Played


Ok. I understand that each time Hugh Jackman has played Logan, he has technically played the same character. But many of these movies provided viewers with different versions of the guy!

Much like in comics, different writers and artists put some of themselves into the stories they tell. Filmmakers do the same thing.

So far, we’ve seen Big Brother Wolverine, Tortured Soul Wolverine, Ninja Warrior Wolverine, Lovelorn Wolverine, and Old End-of-His-Life Wolverine. might as well have some fun with it!


Morbius References. Maybe Even a Jered Leto Cameo!


As bad as some people believe Origins to be, it doesn’t compare to the hatred directed at Morbius. So, in keeping with Deadpool’s previous movies, we should get to see Deadpool call the failure out.

Leto came back to play the Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League after everyone hated on him; let him do the same thing with Morbius!


Let Deadpool be the Only One Who Knows Wolverine Died in Logan

Deadpool Shows Wolverine the End of LoganImage:

Here’s the scene: Deadpool and Wolverine are in a bad situation. They are trapped by an entire group of combatants. They argue about who should take the worst of the damage.

Deadpool tells Wolverine to draw their fire or take on the biggest threat because “I know you won’t die! It’s not 2029!”

Wolverine doesn’t get it at all. But we do!


Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo

It would be fun to see Mark Ruffalo in the movie, but not as Hulk. Not as Bruce Banner either. He should be Louis Reed, The dad from The Adam Project!  Hear me out…

Since Deadpool now has Cable’s time jumping device, and Marvel has the Multiverse, theoretically Deadpool could jump not only from time to time but also between multiverses. 

So let’s say Deadpool and Wolverine need help with a time-jumping issue. They go to Ruffalo who invented time travel in the Adam Project!

Sean Levey, who directed The Adam Project is also directing Deadpool 3. We already know that Reynolds loves making personal references to himself and his career in Deadpool movies and this could be a fun one.


The Actual X-Men


Wolverine is part of the X-Men. Deadpool is always making comments about how they “couldn’t afford” the rest of the X-Men in the other movies. So let’s give him what he wants!

Have a couple of the big-name X-Men from Wolverine’s universe. You could have any of the people who have played X-Men in other movies and still be able to do a full recast when they finally get their own MCU film.


Keanu Reeves


I don’t really have to explain this one, do I? I mean, it’s Keanu Reeves. Keanu is so cool, he should be in every movie! And we know he likes doing cameos, so it’s a no-brainer!


The Return of X-Force


People noticed that it looked like Ryan Reynolds was wearing Deadpool’s grey X-Force suit in the trailer. He wasn’t; it was actually his normal suit after it had been scorched at the end of Deadpool 2.

But it was cool to see Deadpool putting together his X-Force team. Bring back Zazie Beetz as Domino, and Josh Brolin as Cable.

And, how great would it be to see lots of back and forth between Wolverine and Brianna Hildebrand’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead?!




In the timeline that Wolverine will (assumedly) be in for Deadpool 3, he has never met Laura, nor does he know anything about her.

It would be the perfect opportunity to introduce X-23 into the MCU. It would also fit into the current direction of the franchise.

Iron Man is being reimagined as Iron Heart, a female version of the character. Hawkeye is being replaced by Kate Bishop.

The Black Panther is being replaced by Leticia Wright’s Shuri and the list goes on. A young, vicious female version of Wolverine fits right in.


Dougray Scott

Deadpool 3 Movie_ 25 Thrilling Things We Want to SEE! (6)

For those of you who don’t know, Hugh Jackman was not the first actor cast for the part of Wolverine. That honor went to Dougray Scott.

Scott had been cast, fitted for his costume, and production was beginning. Then Mission: Impossible 2 went into reshoots, and Scott couldn’t make the production schedule, so he had to bow out.

The producers turned to other actors who had auditioned, and they ended up with Jackman! Since we will likely see some of the multiverse storylines play out, why not give a nod to what “might have been”?


Deadpool Shows Wolverine the End of Logan

Deadpool Shows Wolverine the End of LoganImage:

This needs to be the post-credits scene. Deadpool, who understands he is a character in a movie (or a comic, whatever), shows Wolverine the movie Logan. We already know that Hugh Jackman, the actor, exists in Deadpool’s world.

Since Jackman exists, his body of work must also exist, which means the movie Logan is part of Deadpool’s canon! So just let Wolverine find out about his death by watching it happen!

How meta is that?



Deadpool 3 Movie_ 25 Thrilling Things We Want to SEE! (5)Image:

For those that may not know him, Hit-Monkey is a Japanese maceque. And he’s a hitman. Seriously.

Hit-Monkey has been involved with Deadpool quite a bit. In their first meeting, Hit-Monkey was trying to kill Deadpool. He has also had run-ins with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, which would make for some wildly fun screen time.

You may be thinking, “But that sounds monumentally stupid.” To which I would reply, “That’s what they said about Rocket Raccoon, dude… That’s what they said about Rocket…


Mister Sinister

Deadpool 3 Movie_ 25 Thrilling Things We Want to SEE! (4)Image:

A longtime villain of the X-Men, Dr. Nathaniel Essex, also known as Mister Sinister, is a geneticist who has performed experiments on himself as well as other mutants.

He has gone on to be one of the coolest villains in X-Men history

Since we know that Marvel Studios doesn’t always stick with comic book canon, having Sinister involved with the Weapon X program that essentially tortured both Wade Wilson and Logan, wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. 


Pull a Back to the Future 2

Deadpool time travelImage:

Remember in Back to the Future 2 when we see two Marty McFlys and you see how Marty from the second movie was actually there in the first movie all along? Yeah… Do that. 

Use some footage from other X-Men movies and add Deadpool to those clips. They did it in Deadpool 2 at the end so why not really go for broke now! We could see Deadpool in some of Wolverine’s more iconic scenes. 

Like, what if during the climactic Statue of Liberty scene from the first X-Men movie, the camera pans down and Deadpool is sitting on a bench eating popcorn below watching it play out?! Tell me.that wouldn’t be great!


Hugh Jackman as Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Since we established that Jackman exists in Deadpool’s world, how much fun would it be to have Logan meet Jackman? It would annoy and piss off Logan, and Jackman would be able to freak out.

Even better… Jackman thinks the real Wolverine is a great cosplayer.

Even better than better… let them meet at one of Jackman’s Broadway musicals! Priceless!


Another Brad Pitt Cameo

Brad Pitt Cameo

Do you remember that 1-second cameo by Brad Pitt in Deadpool 2? When his character, Vanisher, hits the power lines, appears for a blink of an eye.

It was funny once. A call back would be hilarious!


An Epic Fight Scene

Deadpool 3 Movie 25 Thrilling Things We Want to SEE! (1)

It’s a Marvel movie, so we know they are going to have the two heroes fight. It’s like a must-have scene for the franchise. But this one could be special.

Deadpool and Logan face off: Deadpool with his katanas and guns, Wolverine with his claws. They fight and heal. fight and heal. fight and heal. They cut pieces off each other and heal.

The fight finally ends when They just get bored and stop because it’s pointless.


Make It a Buddy Cop Road Trip Movie

Deadpool and WolverineImage:

As previously stated, it would be great to see Laura, aka X-23, make an appearance. In Deadpool 3, And what could be a better McGuffin than the search for a lost, lonely, homicidal little girl?

By putting the two of them in a car, plane, or spaceship—or even the X-Men’s Blackbird—the duo could meet new characters, run into old ones, and introduce the audience to a few they’ve never seen before.


An A**load of Marvel Merch

Deadpool merchImage:

We’ve seen Deadpool with action figures of himself. In the first movie, he was playing with his Origins figure. Now he’s part of the MCU, and the MCU is a merchandise machine.

So how about we give Wade Wilson some epic merchandise of himself? I’m thinking the talking, severed Deadpool head would be fantastic!


Deadpool and Wolverine Pitching Ideas for Deadpool 4 to Kevin Feige

Deadpool 3 Movie_ 25 Thrilling Things We Want to SEE! (3)Image:

This would really have to be a post-credit scene.

You have Deadpool and Wolverine blasting their way into Kevin Feige’s office at Marvel Films. When they get there, Wolverine is upset about the end of Logan.

This makes Feige nervous and confused until Deadpool tells him about his idea for Deadpool 4. You could do it like the second movie announcement video.

That’s when Reynolds and Jackman are explaining the plot of Deadpool 3 while Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go is playing over the audio!


Hugh Jackman in the Yellow Suit

Deadpool 3 Movie_ 25 Thrilling Things We Want to SEE! (2)

It’s time. It’s just time.

Even though the yellow and blue suit is not Wolverine’s “original”, it’s the one everyone wants to see Hugh Jackman wear. 

It would obviously be ridiculous for that suit to make an appearance in an X-Men movie. Any of the 90s outfits would be a little ridiculous on screen.

However, in Deadpool 3, it works perfectly! It could even be played off as Deadpool set it up just to mess with Wolverine! 

This may be what I want to see most. 


The New Wolverine

Deadpool 3 Movie_ 25 Thrilling Things We Want to SEE!Image:

I know that most of this list is a little weird. But we are just having fun playing with “what ifs.” Nobody really knows much about what Deadpool 3 will be about. I mean, how could we? They are still writing the script!

But one thing that would be great would be if the multiverse element were used to introduce the new MCU Wolverine.

It would be a great way for Jackman to pass the torch—or claws, I guess—to the next actor to carry the role forward.

It would be a really nice way to say goodbye to Jackman in a way that doesn’t feel like we got punched in the gut.

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