25 Cool Things You Might Want To Own This Winter

As hard as it might be to admit for some of us, warm sunny days are turning into cold snowy ones (unless you live in Florida). Winter will soon take over the northern hemisphere and grace us with a blanket of cold weather. And although we have shown you how beautiful winter can actually be via some of the most astonishing winter photos from around the world, there is no denying to the fact that for many people all over the world, winter is the least popular season of the year. Yes, it’s going to get cold outside and it will only get worse as the winter season bellows through (especially if you live in any of these 25 coldest large American cities you should avoid this winter). On the other hand, winter also offers a number of opportunities. It allows you to do things you cannot do in any other season of the year and we are not only talking only about winter sports (though those are undoubtedly cool). To enjoy winter to the fullest, you need to have the right accessories and we’re here to help you get them. From infrared fireplaces and portable saunas to bobsleds and snow ball guns, here are 25 Cool Things You Might Want To Own This Winter.


Winter jacket

Winter jacket Source and image: amazon.com

Let us start out with clothes. A good winter jacket is something you simply cannot make do without in winter. Made from high quality water resistant material, this awesome winter jacket by Columbia will keep you dry and warm even in the most unpleasant weather.


Winter boots

Winter boots Source and image: amazon.com

In winter, having warm feet is a must. Pamper your feet with these stylish insulated Timberland winter boots made from premium leather. Their waterproof membrane will keep your feet dry and comfortable in any weather.



Winter gloves

Winter gloves Source and image: amazon.com

When freezing temperatures hit, you can scrunch your hands in your sleeves, put them in your pockets or get them a pair of cool winter gloves. Made from polyester, spandex and PVC rubber, these gloves by Mountain Made are also touch screen friendly.




EarmuffsSource and image: amazon.com

Having frozen ears is one of the worst things you can actually experience in winter. Avoid that by getting these super soft adjustable earmuffs by ZLYC. Made from faux fur and polyester, these unisex earmuffs are suitable for any age.



Vacuum bottle

Vacuum bottle Source and image: amazon.com

Winter is basically about keeping things warm and the same goes for drinks. With this Stainless Steel King 40 Ounce Beverage Bottle by Thermos, your tea or coffee will keep stay for up to 24 hours. This helpful and stylish Thermos can be yours for just $27.


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