Awesome Winter Solstice Traditions You’ll Want To Know About

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Have you ever been curious about Winter Solstice traditions? Winter solstice occurs when Earth’s axial tilts the farthest away from the sun, normally around December 21st, making it one of the shortest days of the year. People all around the world, for thousands of years, have been celebrating the rebirth of the sun. It’s been a powerful reminder of the old and the new. Many different religions and cultures celebrate this holiday in numerous different ways. While technically Winter Solstice is over, there’s no time like the present. Why not give one of these traditions a try? Below you will find a list of Awesome Winter Solstice Traditions You’ll Want to Know About.


Share Stories


Passing stories from generation to generation is one of the most important traditions human possess. During Winter Solstice, the eldest starts the story telling. Legends of myths and fairytales may be told along with memories of their own childhood Solstice celebrations. This tradition helps to unite the family and to pass down important family customs.


Bell Ringing

bell ringing

Gather your family together and make sure everyone has a bell to ring. Each person in the circle goes around sharing their favorite parts about Winter Solstice and what they wish for the world. Once this is completed your family can ring their bells in unison. The bells symbolize ringing out the old year and ringing in the new year.


Cook a Feast


Put together multiple dishes of some of your favorite foods. Make sure to say a prayer before you eat and give thanks for everything you have. A sun inspired cake or pie makes for the perfect Winter Solstice dessert. Adding birthday candles to your dessert allows you and your family to blow them out and wish for a blessed new year.


Show Love to Family and Friends


Get friends and family together to socialize, eat, drink and be merry. Exchange gifts and laughter with people you love. Don’t forget to call and to reach out to people who may live farther away. Show your appreciation and let them know how much you care.


Volunteer and Donate


Contributing to your community by donating food or clothing helps to bring in a peaceful new solar year. Volunteering or praying for the well being of the world helps to harmonize the passing of the darkness.


Decorate Your Home

Winter Decorations

Hang sacred herbs and pine cones around your house. Place springs of mistletoe to bring good luck and decorate with colors of red, green, silver and white. Hanging a wreath on your door symbolized the wheel of the year and perpetual life.


Create a List of Aspirations

writing inspirations

Similar to making a New Year’s resolution, this Winter Solstice tradition involves writing down things you wish to aspire in the new year.


Write and Release

paper burning

Writing is a good form of healing. As you enter the new year, it’s important to release all the negative thoughts and energy you’ve held on to. Writing down your feeling onto pieces of paper and then throwing them into the fire helps transform your darkness into light.


Don't Use Electricity

candle light

Many people like to spend the night in the darkness. Not using electricity signifies the shortest darkest day of the year. In some cases, candlelight is used as a natural source of luminosity.


Pull An All-Nighter

all nighter

Gather friends and family together to stay up all night. Enjoy food, drinks, and conversation. Celebrate the return of the light by not falling asleep.


Decorating a Winter Solstice Tree

bird seed

Decorating a Winter Solstice tree differs from decorating a traditional Christmas tree. Winter Solstice trees are normally outside and they are decorated with food to feed wild animals. Honey seed ornaments, peanut butter, pinecones, popcorn, and cranberry garlands are a few popular decorations.


Burn an Oak Log

Oak Log

To brighten up the shortest day of the year, people like to burn an oak log. The dense oak wood provides more heat, higher energy, and longer lasting fires.


Meditate in the Darkness

meditation in the dark

A traditional Solstice Eve ritual consists of mediating in the dark. This helps to welcome the birth of the sun. The act of lighting candles and singing carols honors the transition of the new year.

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