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  • 25 Largest Empires of History

    25 Largest Empires In History

    Conquering nations and relentlessly expanding their territories has always been a favorite past time of those in power. Whether it was the Romans, Greeks, or Ottomans, it seems that amassing resources, nations, and the pursuit of a powerful legacy played a huge role in the rise and fall of their empires. Although today we no […] More

  • 25 Inventions That Changed Our Way Of Life

    25 Inventions That Changed Our Way Of Life

    There are so many things around us that we take for granted but make our lifestyle possible. For instance, could you imagine living a day without checking emails on your computer or walking around without your mobile phone? As you read through these 25 inventions that changed our way of life, think about how different […] More

  • wonders of the world

    25 Spectacular Wonders of the World

    We humans tend to be argumentative creatures (just check the comments on 25 Popular Myths Debunked for a case in point) and it really is amazing that we manage to agree on anything at all. When we do, however, it’s incredible what the synergy of our efforts can accomplish. From the dusty ground of the […] More